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The Phases of our journey

Our Objectives

Transition towards employment and independent living for adolescents and adults with learning differences. 

Our Ultimate Goal

Independent Living in a supported environment and community.

Independent living philosophy

Treated with respect


Personal relationships

Individual rights




programme overview

Social Emotional

Conflict Alternatives, Public Skills, Feelings, Self-awareness, Interpersonal, Problem-solving, Transportation and Public Conduct.

Self-Management and Daily Living

Dressing, Eating, Food Preparation, Grooming and Hygiene, Housekeeping, Physical Maintenance and Toileting.

Functional Academics

Communication, Finance, Reading, Time Management and Writing.

Vocational / Career Education

Career development, Communication, Employment Foundations, Personal Mgmt, Problem-Solving and Teamwork.

Independent Living

Community Safety, Eating Out, General Shopping, Mobility, Travel, Community Services.

Recreation and Leisure

Adaptations and Modifications, Play and Games, and Sports and Physical Development.

Note: The programme above applies to both of Group and individuals.
We can arrange for other interventions such as physical fitness and professional services by a group of visiting consultants.

OUR team

Our amazing team came from diverse backgrounds and experiences. We are dedicated to journey with all the individuals and families that decide to join us!

Peggy Lam - Director cum Lead Coach 

Bridging Hope was established because of Peggy's desire to help and work with individuals with learning differences to live independently. She aims to help them understand how unique they are despite their challenges and making a difference in their lives. She enjoys exploring alternative strategies to work with individuals and believes in creating awareness and advocate for their welfare. 

Peggy's first degree was from Iowa State University, the USA, in Bachelors of Science in Business Administration. It is her travel around Europe for a year and a "calling" that prompted her to change her career. She first pursued a Diploma in Learning Management and Child Psychology from the College of Allied Educators. She then graduated with a Master in Education major in Special Education from the University of Southern Queensland, Australia. 

Besides her teaching qualifications, she is trained to administer the Therapeutic Listening with the Whole Body and Job Coaching. She also uses various skills in her teaching, including Behaviour Management, Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), Relationship Development Intervention (RDI), Executive Functioning, Mindfulness, Social Thinking, and Lego Therapy. 

Peggy's other interests and experience include her volunteering, supports, and advocates for teenagers and young adults who face challenges in their mental health. She used to serve at the special children's ministry at her church. She currently serves as one of the Executive Board members as the Board Secretary for the Special Education Network in Asia's (SENIA) chapter in Malaysia. Their primary purpose is "to support Senia's mission to advocate for and provide resources/supports for differently-abled individuals." ( She also volunteered with Autism Initiatives Malaysia (AIM). AIM is a network of individuals working together to develop private and public sector support to improve the lives of those affected by autism spectrum conditions. She served as the Finance and Secretariat to the Organising Committee of the 1st AIM Symposium in July 2018. Currently, she is one of the facilitators of the AIM High Women Support Group and one of the coaches to the AIM High Group (

Anna Tan - Director cum Marketing Manager

Anna has a child with learning differences of her own. With a first-hand understanding of the challenges facing youths with learning differences, she joined Peggy to start Bridging Hope. She believes that a specialist center dedicated to building the very person of people like her child is indispensable in shaping their future. Bridging Hope is about laying the foundation for the future of adults with learning differences. For many of us, growing up was a rite of passage where we developed our self-esteem and built our emotional security to prepare us to live our lives and reach our full potential. Adults with learning differences are no different. At Bridging Hope, each person is evaluated according to his or her potential to develop an individually tailored program to build self-esteem and to lay or reinforce the emotional well-being of that person. We hope that eventually, all will grow in their personhood until they are self-sufficient and can live independently. One day, parents will no longer be around. Bridging Hope is the path of hope to place the future of individuals with learning differences in their own responsible hands. This will be crucial, especially after Mum and Dad are gone. That is why Anna co-founded Bridging Hope.

Ban Sasha - Assistant Coach

Sasha is a first-class honours graduate from the Bachelor of Education Degree Programme at SEGi University & Colleges Malaysia. She majors in Special Needs Education (SEN), at the same time, minoring in Teaching English as Second Language (TESL). She has an interest in both journeying with individuals who are differently-abled as well as language, therefore she accomplished her research for her Degree’s Final Year Project regarding the topic ‘Using Storytelling to Develop Context in Social Interaction for Children with Autism’.

Before pursuing her degree programme, she completed her bible seminary course with Tung Ling School of Ministry, and there was when she felt assured about her “calling” of having a role to play in building up the future generations. She feels most joyful being around different individuals and finds it a blessing to be a part of their growth and learning.       

Aside from her teaching qualification, she owns different interesting skills and talents such as public speaking, performing arts, content creating as well as arts & crafts. She also serves in the children ministry, youth ministry, and stage production team at her church.      

Sasha believes that every individual has the right to be embraced and respected as who they are. Hence, always seizing the opportunity of learning while bridging the gap for different ones. Being the youngest in the team, her enthusiastic character brings much cheerfulness and vibrant energy to the learners and the team.

Wong Kien Hoo (Ken) - Visiting Therapist

Ken is a Board Registered Behaviour Therapist from Behaviour Analyst Certification Board (BACB) who has 6 years’ experience in special needs education and intervention. He graduated with a degree in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from the University of Technology, Malaysia (UTM). Currently, he is pursuing his Master in Educational Psychology at University Malaya (UM). 

He works closely with international schools and colleges as a personal learning assistant. Besides that, he conducts one to one sessions to special needs group ages from 3 to 28 years old. 

He always tries his best to unleash the full potential of all individuals who come to him. 


Dr. Ng Sui Yin 

Dr Ng Sui Yin, a graduate of the University of Bristol, is trained in both Paediatrics and Paediatrics Neurology in UK. She did her postgraduate training in the London teaching hospitals,UK and Toronto Children’s hospital, Canada. Upon returning to Malaysia, she was a lecturer in Paediatrics/Paediatric Neurology in Universiti Putra Malaysia and was providing clinical services in HospitalKuala Lumpur and Selayang Hospital. 

Dr Ng has been working as Consultant Paediatrician and Paediatric Neurologist in Gleneagles Hospital since 2005. She also has a special interest in Biomedical Interventions for autism in that autism is not just a developmental and behavioural disorder but underlying gut, metabolic and immunological disturbance. 

Dr. Ng’s willingness to lend her vast experience and specialised knowledge is so welcome to us at Bridging Hope, and we look forward to working with her in the years to come.

Mr Wong Koon Tatt

Koon Tatt has a heart for disadvantaged communities and is actively involved in community transformation programs in Malaysia, Myanmar, and Philippines through his companies, church and NGOs. 

Programs close to his heart includes Community Forestry Programs with the indigenous village population in Sabah, Refugees Schools in KL, Village Rehabilitation in Myanmar, Orphanages in Yangon and empowering flood displaced victims in Manila amongst others.

He is also the Chairman of Yayasan Generasi Gemilang, a charitable foundation committed to building a strong nation by raising exemplary next-generation individuals and strengthening families.Its key focus areas are mentoring the next generation with leadership and life skills, equipping parents and youth to face cyber-related issues, and community development for marginalized communities in Malaysia.

We are privileged to have Koon Tatt as one of our advisors who has such a heart for children and families both here and abroad. His broad experience and depth of love for others will no doubt serve as a blueprint for Bridging Hope as we chart our own course. 

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