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Dear students,

Welcome to English 7, English 9, English 11, Creative Writing, Books and Movies and AP Literature and Composition. I look forward to working with you to make your class one we all do well in and enjoy. Our goals are to improve our reading, writing, language, and listening and speaking skills, and to do so in a polite, cooperative, and productive environment. Each student adds to that environment; each student can make class better. We will discuss any questions you have. In the meantime—or at any time during the year—you or your parents or guardians can reach me at the contact information above.

Here’s to a successful year,

Mr. House

Scope and Sequence

Class Rules and Expectations

Key Behaviors:

  • Before class: Be seated and check the Smartboard for the agenda, required materials and Do Now. Be ready to work when the bell rings; this means you do not have to leave the room for the materials once class has begun and you have put your phone and headphones away.
  • During class: Pay attention to directions, participate, ask questions and stay on task. If you use class time well, you will have less homework, stay on top of your work and have a better chance of getting full credit on assignments.
  • After class: Keep up with assignments and homework. On-time work begins with full credit; late work is downgraded, and some work cannot be made up.
  • Always: Keep your class materials organized and dated.

Behavioral Contract:

  • I will be on time for class and am aware of the school policy of 3 unexcused lates = after-school detention.
  • I will keep my phone and headphones silenced and put away.
  • I will respect borrowed classroom material and return it in good condition; if I do not, I am responsible for its replacement.
  • I will respect everyone in my classroom and help maintain an atmosphere of trust and safety. Bullying and prejudiced language or behavior is never permitted and will result in immediate disciplinary action.
  • I will otherwise conduct myself maturely, with language and behavior appropriate for school, and not disrupt class or interfere with my classmates’ rights to an education.


Major current assignments are posted on Google Classroom. Click on the links below to navigate to your specific class.

English 7

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AP Literature and Composition

Books and Movies