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October 23, 2017- October 28, 2017

Learn Well..........Stay Safe……….Graduate……….Participate

Bridgehampton Events and Activities

October 23, 2017-October 28, 2017

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Bridgehampton Students Ready for Broadway

“Where the Wild Things Are”

Thank You Mrs. Merkert, Ms. McArdle, Mrs. Burns, Mrs. Kirwan, Ms. Hauser, Ms. Poole, Ms. Corbett, Ms. Meringola, Mrs. Rodgers, Mrs. Ozsu, Mr. Hand, Ms. Parker, and Mrs. Garcia

For Your Help To Make This Happen.

Thank You To All The Parents Who Attended Our First Of Many Parent Workshops.

PBIS Kickoff For The Elementary School

Special Presentation Jester Jim

Theme "Dream Big "

PBIS Award Winners Will Be Celebrated

Quote of the Week

You Show Me Your Friends,

I Will Show You Your Future

Marc Mero

Congratulations To Our New Elected Officials

Of The Elementary Student Council

4th Grade- Constantine Reilly and Sae’vion Ward

5th Grade- Shelia Huidobro and Laura Sanchez

6th Mikhail Feaster and Helio Paucar

Halloween Event Schedule

Halloween Flyer 2017 BILUNGUAL 2.docx

Pathway To Success

Community Service Worksheet-New.docx

Mandatory 40 Hours of Community Service To Graduate

Extra Help Schedule-NEW.docx

Teacher Extra Help Times- Please Utilize This Extended Time To Meet With Your Teacher

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Student Clubs

Please Get Involved

Intramural Golf @ Poxabogue Golf Course

Thank you Mr. Meyer

Marijane Meaker Visits Bridgehampton

Marijane Meaker, internationally acclaimed author of sixty books and longtime resident of Springs, visited with Tom House's high school English classes on Friday, October 13 to discuss her beloved young adult novel Gentlehands, a mystery and adolescent romance set in the Hamptons in the 1970s. Ninth graders who had just completed the book learned first-hand about the author's inspiration, research and craft. Ms. Meaker, who at 90 is completing her 61st book, took questions for nearly an hour, talking in detail about her lifelong career as a writer, as well as giving advice on pursuing writing as a passion and a living. For more information about Ms. Meaker, also known by the pseudonym M.E. Kerr, visit

Please View the Photos By: Chris Rodriquez

Winter Sports Start In November

Please View All Athletic Opportunities Offered

High School Athletics-2017-2018.docx
Jr. High Sports.docx

College Visits @ Bridgehampton



7:53 AM





11:59 am



Our 3rd graders this week are scientists and

mathematicians using their knowledge and

strategies to solve our classroom

Candy Corn Crisis.

It's been a busy week in 3rd Grade, the students designed paper airplanes over two days. After creating their first planes, they each came up with a hypothesis as to what would make their plane fly farther. Then they redesigned them, and we went outside to test them!!!

The eighth graders also came in to give them a lesson on hydroponics and took our class out to the greenhouse to show them how they are using hydroponics to grow lettuce!!!

First Grade Scientists!

We continue to practice our inquiry skills!

We will be using a balance to infer and draw conclusions about things that are heavier than or lighter than a pumpkin! We will also be sequencing the life cycle of a pumpkin!

Bat Day In First Grade

Robotics Club

Team Meets Every

Wednesday 2:45-3:30

Technology Room


Senior Class Parent Meeting

October 25 @ 5:30 PM


Senior Class Car Wash

October 28 @ 8:00-11:00 AM

Bridgehampton School-Front of School

Communications Arts

AKA FUN Club Will Begin Tuesday,

October 24th at 2:45-3:30 in Library.

Culture Club Flyer.pdf

Culture Club Meeting

Tuesday, October 24 at 12PM

Room 31

Kindergarten Weather Experiments


Proposition for October 24, 2017 Capital Reserve Expenditure Vote

2:00PM – 8:00 PM

Bridgehampton School

2685 Montauk Highway

Bridgehampton, NY 11932




Shall the Board of Education of the Bridgehampton Union Free School District be authorized to undertake certain capital improvements consisting of the installation of a closed loop geothermal system as well as necessary additions, repairs and maintenance to various District facilities in accordance with the District’s current Five Year Plan; all at an estimated maximum aggregate cost of $1,275,000 and to appropriate and expend such amount from the Geothermal System and Five Year Plan Reserve Capital Reserve Fund?

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