1st grade

Hello Bridge Parents!!

We are having a GREAT first week of school. Your kiddos are learning so much! They are making new friends and creating relationships with all of thier teachers and having fun! We have been doing beginning of year testing and doing assessments to find out what the kids already know and what we need to know. This way we know where to begin with learning instruction.

Each Monday, you will be recieving an email from your child's homeroom teacher. We call this Monday Announcements. Here we will tell you all the things we think you should know for the week and things from the prior week. First grade is using an app called Class Dojo for quick parent communication. If you have not done so, please download this app on your smartphone. You will be able to text teachers and see how your child is doing throughout the day. We will be adding positive points as we see your child staying on task, helping others, trying thier best, etc. You are able to use those points at home as a positive reinforcement if you want to. For example, if your child earns "x" amount of points during the week, they will earn a treat at home, stay up an extra 10 minutes, lunch with mom or dad, etc. The sky is the limit. On the flip side of this, teachers can add negative point if a student needs additional help with following directions. These will only be for minor issues. If there are major issues that warrant parent contact, the homeroom teacher will contact parents directly. Here is the link to Class Dojo


We will talk to you on Monday!

1st Grade Teachers

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