Proposition E



On June 2nd, Proposition E passed with over 65% of the vote! We will update the community soon about next steps and how to stay involved as we work on strengthening our elementary and early childhood facilities.

Prop E - June 2, 2020

Strong Schools. Strong Community.

PLEASE NOTE: By order of the Governor, the election has been postponed to JUNE 2, 2020.

In 2018, the Brentwood community supported a no-tax increase bond issue for necessary renovations to the middle and high school. The Middle/High School project was the first phase in a two-part effort to provide all Brentwood students with access to safe, comfortable learning areas equipped for providing quality 21st century learning opportunities.

On January 21st, the Brentwood School Board voted to place Prop E on the April 7th, 2020 ballot. Prop E seeks voter authority to issue $29 million in bonds to upgrade elementary school facilities by completely rebuilding McGrath Elementary and renovating Mark Twain. This bond will add an additional forty-seven cents per one hundred dollars of assessed valuation. In March, the April 7th election was postponed to June 2, 2020.

The funds from phase two will be used to improve the safety, security, accessibility, and learning opportunities provided by our elementary facilities. To see exactly how Prop E would impact your taxes, please use our Property Tax Calculator.

In May 2020, in light of the COVID-19 outbreak, the Board of Education resolved to use the funds from Prop E to incorporate the Brentwood Early Childhood Center into one of the elementary buildings. In doing so, the Board anticipates educational benefits to students while reducing the district's overall footprint from 4 sites to 3. This would allow for greater financial flexibility in the future and allow the district to react to global challenges like COVID-19. This would still provide two K-5 neighborhood elementary schools for the district while addressing the accessibility, safety, infrastructure, and learning space needs at both buildings.

The full text of their resolution is below:

May 5, 2020 Board of Education Resolution

In March, 2020, the St. Louis County Board of Elections requested and was approved to move the April 7th election to June 2nd, 2020. Therefore, Brentwood School District’s Proposition E, a $29 million bond issue, was moved to the June 2nd ballot. This delay has allowed the Board additional time to evaluate the current climate and further work with the community to determine long term strategic financial goals.

In light of the global pandemic and the current and anticipated economic impact, the Brentwood School Board believes it is even more important now to focus on how to achieve the optimum benefit to the District when funds are spent on facilities improvements. To that end, the Board is resolving to incorporate Brentwood Early Childhood Center into one of the elementary schools as part of Proposition E. This will reduce the district’s footprint and operating expenses.The board further resolves that this will be accomplished with Proposition E funds and district resources without asking for additional funding from the community in the future for this endeavor.

While the bond language cannot be adjusted, the Board of Education makes this resolution to affirm our commitment to incorporating the Early Childhood Center into one building upon the successful passage of Proposition E. This investment will allow the district to continue providing quality education for students in neighborhood schools while reducing its footprint and overhead costs in the long term.

Our Promise - What does "PROP E" mean?


Improving elementary facilities is an investment in the future! By providing safe, comfortable, and modern learning spaces for students, we will give the students of our community more chances to grow and find success. This bond issue will address major student needs related to facilities including:

  • Maintaining small class sizes and strong teacher/student relationships
  • Safe and comfortable learning spaces designed to meet modern student needs
  • Modern learning and collaboration spaces including Science Labs and STEM/Maker Spaces
  • Equity among students regardless of building
  • Safety, Security, Accessibility, and Comfort


Over the past few years, the district has worked with its community of stakeholders to better understand the values and priorities of our families and community members. Some of the priorities for our community include:

  • Maintaining Neighborhood Schools
  • Class Size
  • Quality Learning Facilities
  • Student/Teacher Relationships
  • Safety and Security
  • Equal Access to Educational Opportunities


In passing this bond issue, the cost for the average owner of a home valued at $250,000 is about $4.50 per week. To see exactly what Prop E would cost for your home, please use the links below.

Introducing Prop E

Prop E is a forty-seven cent per one hundred dollars of assessed valuation bond issue that will see an upgrade to elementary school facilities in the Brentwood School District by rebuilding McGrath Elementary into a modern facility and heavily renovating Mark Twain Elementary to create safe, comfortable, and modern learning spaces for all elementary students.

  • Safe, secure, and accessible student and community spaces
  • Modern student learning areas
    • Flexible learning spaces
    • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) opportunities
  • Maintaining neighborhood elementary schools
  • Incorporation of Early Childhood into one of the elementary buildings, reducing the district's overall footprint from 4 sites to 3.

Our Needs

The average age of our elementary schools is 73 YEARS. Facilities this old require attention outside of regular maintenance and updates. Some of the top areas in need include:

  • Modernization - Including infrastructure and areas designed to meet 21st century student learning.
  • Accessibility
  • Learning Spaces - Including classroom size, comfort, and flexibility as well as special classroom spaces such as the gym, library, and Music/Art rooms.
  • Flexible Spaces - Including STEM labs, common areas, and other areas that can be used to enhance the learning environment.
  • Safety/Security
  • Parking/Traffic
  • Exterior - Including windows, doors, roof, and entrance
  • Technology
  • Outdoor Learning and Playground
  • Space and Storage
  • Sustainability and Energy Efficiency
  • Community Spaces