About Us

Chelsea Danielle Logan

Web Developer/Business Operation Manager

James Leslie Seargent

Owner/ Executive Operation Manager

After moving back to Madisonville prior to the pandemic, Seargent help an active living project to get the residence of Hopkins County to adopt an active living lifestyle. In the scope of work for the Active Living project he outlined that finding land opportunities for developing hiking and biking trails would be the first step in getting the county in motion.

In 2020 he was able to help execute the Madisonville in Motion project by getting the city to revitalize Grapevine Park and fund the construction of a new trail system built by Rouge Trails of Arkansas. Grapevine Recreational Trails has since hosted events such as SWKyMBA local Time Trial race, NICA middle and high school mountain bike league practice and community engagement by having volunteer days at the park with local companies (Carhartt) and (Corner Stone) schools.

Stephanie Camille

Director Community Development

Stephanie's first bike was a pink Murray with a banana seat that matched her favorite KangaROOS shoes. Holding the silver handle on the back of the seat while she biked in circles, her dad kept her steady as she learned to balance. When she was able to speed down the drive on her own she became enchanted with a feeling of freedom and adventure that still impacts her today. Her world expanded beyond her yard. She met her neighbors and soon had a bike gang to call her own.

Stephanie’s passion for bikes has extended into creating and managing projects that enhance community health and encourage more people to live active lifestyles. She holds an M.Ed in Community Development from Vanderbilt University. Stephanie has worked with an array of businesses, state agencies, and nonprofits. Highlights include: creating the Tennessee Conference on Volunteerism and Community Service (TCVSL) during her tenure as deputy director of Volunteer Tennessee; conducting a health impact assessment (HIA) for Nashville’s Metro Planning Organization’s (MPO) 30-year Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan; and enhancing the selective breeding process for indigo dye at Stoney Creek Colors.

Stephanie loves being outside and often is seen on the trails on her orange Kona sporting a goofy child-like grin. She currently resides in Nashville, with her three bikes and a cat with the fluffy-butt, Wookie.

Richard Dixon

Trail Design & Sr. Trail Builder

Richard has nearly two decades of mountain bike trail design and construction experience. Luckily Richard recognized the benefits of sustainable trail design and construction at an early stage and was humble enough to seek help. As a result he was fortunate to be mentored by one of the best trail builders in the Midwest.

Richard has been a long time member and volunteer of the Southwest Kentucky Mountain Bike Association (a chapter of the International Mountain Bike Association) where he’s worked with government agencies and land managers consulting, fundraising, designing, constructing and maintaining sustainable purpose built mountain bike and multi-use trails. Noteworthy projects he’s been involved with include: Ben Hawes, Harmonie, Cave Creek, Grapevine Lake and Hanson.

His favorite riding style is hybrid trail that offers speed, flow and some natural tech mixed in. He also enjoys jumps, drops and some chunky teeth rattling rocky downhill. Other hobbies include; cycling, running, hiking, snow skiing, snowboarding and kayaking. Richard’s hometown is Owensboro, KY where he attended Owensboro Community Technical College prior to attending the University of Louisville. Richard’s engineering background, critical thinking skills and belief in quality over quantity and doing things the right way has provided him with the necessary tools for success.