List of Services

homeless camp clean up

As the growing issue of homeless camp increases. You can count on BRC services to professionally take care of the clean up. while working along with property owners, government, private agencies, and law enforcement. you can rest assure that the job will be done and up to standards to assure your safety and the community.

Our services include:

-Safe and proper disposal of chemicals, needles, and drug paraphernalia.

-Safe and proper disposal of bio hazards materials including blood, bodily fluids, and excrement.

-Safe and proper disposal of trash and debris left from homeless camps

Commercial clean up and Field services

 The industrial economy is always evolving many facilities have become automated or depend on little to none employees to operate machinery. As a result many employees are under equipped to provide maintenance and cleanup of equipment and machinery due to hazards present or do not have the time span necessary to complete the task at hand.

Services included but not limited to:

-Power washing of building and exterior 

-Power washing of interior and exterior of tanks

-Power washing of parking lots or Facility areas where porous asphalt is present

-Partial disassembly of equipment required to provide cleaning services

-Hydro vac services

confined space work

BRC remediates hazards in confined spaces, including  tanks, bridge girders, manholes, and tunnels Our technicians are experienced in Evaluating and identifying potential confined space work areas and potential hazards present or uprising during the project duration. For permit-required or non-permit required confined space entry, BRC will evaluate the space, conduct tests of the atmosphere, and when possible, recommend changes to eliminate hazards present and provide a cost efficient solution.

Restoration and water/mold remediation

Has your home or business place been impacted by water damage or mold? From the initial consultation to dealing with insurances, and remediation process we will be with you every step of the way. A project manager will be assigned to you along with a specialist and technicians to safely remediate the hazards present. With our staff an extensive contractor network we have built over the years we can fully rebuild and make modifications to prevent the issue from arising in the future.