The emphasis of the Youth Advisory Council is to support youth-run or youth need driven projects through a grant application process. There is $3,000 allocated through this program for the community. The Youth Advisory Council works in partnership with the Pratt-Northam Foundation.

YAC Officers

President: Maddy Wolff

Vice President: Seth Garrison

Secretary - TBD and Maddy Wolff

Co-Treasurers - Katelyn Adams and Carter Rice

Other YAC Members: Eliza Metzler, Brayden Monnat, Bobby Hazard, McKinley Becker, Ella St. Croix, Carson Kuhl and Sarah Herzig.

What we've done

The Youth Advisory Council has awarded over 30 grants in the last six years. Each grant is awarded to an organization that provides a program to support youth in the community. New grant applicants are given priority over applications that have been previously made as the programs are supposed to secure additional monetary or volunteer support.

YAC Grant Recipients