Brayco is a Industrial Contractor which provides services pertaining to a variety of industries specializing in industrial mechanical, tank farms, terminals, steel fabrication & erection, pipe installation, DOT pipeline, civil construction, piledriving and marine construction.  Brayco is passionate about their work and takes pride in their safety record and the quality of work completed.  We partner with our customers to overcome any challenge and get the job done.  Brayco has a vast range of experience in: pipe fitting, pipe fabrication, DOT / PHMSA pipeline construction, welding, steel fabrication, steel erection, project management, engineering, rigging, crane operation, marine construction, and more.   With the range of experience, qualifications, and equipment you can ensure the job will get done safely, on-time and with top quality.



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Pipeline Welding

Highway Pipeline Repairs

Water PIV Replacement

Pipeline Excavation

New Dock Platform

Pipeline Dig

Dual Crane Pick

Steel Overhang