The mathematical Neuroscience Team 

Department of Mathematics - Brandeis University

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The mathematical neuroscience team at Brandeis University Department of Mathematics and Volen National Center for Complex Systems, is an interdisciplinary research group studying mathematical models of biological systems and neurosciences (PI: Jonathan Touboul).

We study dynamical and stochastic models arising in biology, although you may find us sometimes distracted by other more theoretical or more applied questions that we find interesting. This led us to work on models of brain activity, from single-cell activity up to large neuronal areas, but also on how embryos develop, and how climate change can affect vegetation coverage. In all these endeavors, we enthusiastically collaborate with experimentalists, sometimes analyze their data, and always develop mathematical models that we study analytically.

You can find us in the Goldsmith building at Brandeis – office 303 (Jonathan) and 118 (Postdocs and Grad students).