Events & Schedule

Events & Schedule

8:30 - Meeting check-in and light continental breakfast

9:20 - Welcome

9:30 - Keynote talk: Dr. Marcelle Soares-Santos, Landsman Assistant Professor of Physics, Brandeis University, "Cosmic Collisions"

Marcelle Soares-Santos is the Landsman Assistant Professor at Brandeis University. Her research focuses on uncovering the nature of the accelerated expansion of the cosmos. Soares-Santos contributed to the construction of the Dark Energy Camera, one of the largest telescope cameras in the world which she now employs to search for gravitational wave–emitting collisions of neutron stars and black holes. The program aims at establishing gravitational waves as a completely novel method to study cosmic acceleration in the future. It has been successful in detecting the first neutron star collision ever observed, a discovery heralded as the Science breakthrough of the year, in 2017. While preparing for many more discoveries on the gravitational wave front, Soares-Santos also contributes to the effort of measuring the cosmic acceleration using traditional methods such as galaxy clusters and gravitational lensing. Together, traditional and novel methods blaze a trail for a major leap in our understanding of the universe. Soares-Santos research has recently been featured in the PBS documentary TV series Nova Wonders, and has been covered by major news outlets world-wide.

10:30 - Oral Scientific Talks

11:30 - Lunch and Poster Session

1:00 - Career and Professional Development Workshops and Panel Discussions

"Navigating the Fellowship Application Process: What the Reviewers Really Want To Know".

Panel: Dr. Irving Epstein, Professor of Chemistry; Dr. Piali Sengupta, Professor and Chair of Biology; Dr. Gina Turrigiano, Professor of Biology and Chair of Neuroscience. Moderated by Dr. Suzanne Paradis.

"In finding your way, don't lose yourself: practical guidance from Dr. Mareshia Donald PhD '14 and Dr. Tepring Piquado PhD'10".

Moderated by: Dr. Allyson Livingstone, Director of Diversity Equity, & Inclusion Education, Training, and Development, Brandeis University

"Resume or CV: What or who is your target market?"

Presenter: Hiatt Career Center at Brandeis University

2:00 - Career and Professional Development Workshops and Panel Discussions

"Career Pathways for PhDs: Dissecting Job Listings as a Way to Learn About Career Options"

Explore the diverse array of science-related careers you can pursue with your PhD! Based on a component of UMassMed’s Career Pathways Communities program, session participants will learn how to dissect job listings to see how various careers align with their own personal interests, skills, experience and values.

Moderated by: Spencer L. Fenn, PhD, Assistant Director. Center for Biomedical Career Development (cBCD). Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences. University of Massachusetts Medical School.

“You love science: What should you do after you have a bachelor’s degree?”

Moderated by: Henry H. Wortis, MD, Professor. Department of Immunology, Director, PREP, Sackler School of Graduate Biomedical Sciences, Tufts University School of Medicine

3:00 - Keynote talk: Dr. Tepring Piquado, Policy Researcher, RAND Corporation, "Oh, the places you’ll go with a STEM degree"

Prof. Tepring Piquado is a Policy Researcher at RAND Corporation, Professor of Ethics, and Policy Design at Pardee RAND Graduate School, speaker, advisor, and entrepreneur. With her science background, she develops solutions to public policy challenges to help make communities healthier and more prosperous. Prior to starting at RAND, she was one of ten science fellows selected for the California Council on Science and Technology Fellowship Program at the California State Capitol. She recently ran for public office to promote evidence-based policies and engage in the legislative process. Prof. Piquado earned her Ph.D. in Neuroscience from Brandeis where she worked in Prof. Wingfield's Memory and Cognition Lab.

3:45 - Networking and Entertainment from Brandeis dance groups

Ballet Club:

Brandeis Ballet Company performs classical and contemporary pieces. The piece you about to see mixes the classic and contemporary styles. We are under the umbrella of the Ballet Club, which offers free ballet classes once a week to beginner, intermediate, and advanced ballet dancers.

Kaos Kids:

Kaos Kids is a hip-hop dance group that performs and teaches all over campus and at other universities. We have a core group of performers and also hold open dance class throughout the semester to teach the Brandeis community dance moves.


Rebelle is an Afro-Caribbean dance team that uses the universal languages of music and dance which share the flavors of the many cultures.


Sankofa coming from the Akan language of Ghana means to go back and get it. Therefore, in order for one to move forward, they need to go back to their past, their history to do so. Through our dances and movements, we incorporate dances and songs from all over the African diaspora, past and present to give performances of meaning.

Toxic Majorette Dance Crew:

Toxic aims to provide an openly diverse and creative environment that incorporates Majorette style dancing, which originates from the South.