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Teacher Page!

Welcome to my teacher page! I am the computer teacher at Stony Brook School for 4th and 5th grade! I love hiking, music, barbecuing, and working with students to code and create with technology. If you have any questions or concerns the best method of contact is email. You may email me at

Students should be prepared for class by knowing their Google username and password. Students should have a pair of headphones to focus and work quietly when doing independent work. I recommend a cheap pair of plastic/rubber earbuds that can fit in a pencil box or pocket but some students may prefer over the ear headphones. The majority of our class work is completed and accessed in the student's Technology Google Classroom where we will integrate discussion questions and activities.

In class, we are often working on longer term projects that address the topics outlined below. In addition, we spend time on, Scratch, and Khan Academy utilizing each programs block coding languages and some basic JavaScript where students think critically and problem solve. Each website offer students the opportunity to code at home and reinforce skills if they wish.

I highly recommend students learn to touch type appropriately. If students devote 15 minutes a day for a month or two to learn it correctly, it will benefit them in the long run and make them feel much more comfortable on a computer. Two free and great resources include BBC Typing and

Topics of the 4th and 5th Grade Curriculum include:

* Digital Citizenship/Online Safety

* The Google Suite/Research Integration/Jobs of the Future

* Technology and Design Projects

* Coding/Robotics

Welcome Back Students and Parents!

Hybrid Update:

September to October Technology Special Rotation:

Topic: Digital Citizenship>>>BASK in your Digital World. Be BRAVE, Be ALERT, Be SMART, Be KIND

4th Grade will focus on Digital Citizenship and touch on staying safe online and the difference between personal and private information. Student then learn how they can keep information safe online. Students are taught to find an adult and show them anything they may experience on the internet that makes them feel uncomfortable.

5th Grade will focus on Digital Citizenship and review staying safe online, social media, their digital footprint, and cyber-bullying. Students are taught to be an up-stander and that their digital footprint follows them around.


Extension activities are posted in the Technology Google Classroom to be completed Monday afternoon for 4th Graders or Thursday afternoon (5th Graders). Students will rotate through art, library, music, Spanish, and technology Special Area Classes according to the schedule.

The order for technology extension is listed below by homeroom and grade.

4th Grade:

Assignment 1: Course E: Lesson 1-Sequencing in Maze
Assignment 2: Course E: Lesson 2-Drawing with Loops
Assignment 3: Course E: Lesson 3-Conditionals in Minecraft: Voyage Aquatic
Assignment 4: Course E: Lesson 4-Conditionals with the Farmer

Rotation 1: Gottshalk/Litts and Morin
Rotation 2: Russo/Williams
Rotation 3: Weintraub/Katz
Rotation 4: McNamara/Manger
Rotation 5: Felix and Fornaro

5th Grade:
Assignment 1: Course F: Lesson 1-Functions in Minecraft
Assignment 2: Course F: Lesson 2-Swimming Fish with Sprite Lab
Assignment 3: Course F: Lesson 3-Alien Dance Party with Sprite Lab
Assignment 4: Course E: Lesson 4-Drawing with Loops
Assignment 5: Course E: Lesson 5-Nested Loops in Maze

Rotation 1: Elvis/Omelio
Rotation 2: Figel and Ziolkowski
Rotation 3: Maldonado
Rotation 4: Mehnert
Rotation 5: Sutherlin