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Hello and Hola! I am Mrs. Nelson and I am so excited to be one of the counselors here at Branchburg Central Middle School. If you are on the Olympians, Innovators or the Force, I will be your counselor! I graduated from Rutgers University Graduate School of Education with a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology. Prior to coming to BCMS, I was a high school counselor so I love talking about future college plans and career interests. In my free time I love spending time with my family. Please stop by my office to say hello, I love getting to know my students and their parents.

Facts About Me

My favorite snack is: Popcorn

My favorite animal: Sea otters

My favorite car: Old Mustangs

¡Hablo Español! I played the violin for 8 years

and now I’m teaching myself to play the ukulele.

Contact Me

908-526-1415 x4107

Follow Guidance on Twitter @BCMS_Guidance

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Somerville High School

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Somerville Guidance Website

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Somerset County Vocational School

Important Dates:

  • Academy for Health and Medical Services:

Application deadline is February 13, 2019 Mandatory parent and student information sessions on the following dates, all sessions begin at 6:00pm.

Thursday - October 25, 2018, Thursday - November 15, 2018, Thursday - January 10, 2019, Thursday - January 24, 2019, Tuesday - February 5, 2019

For more information and to register for a session: click here

  • MEAM Program Application will be available at the end of October
  • Dance Program Application will be available at the end of October
  • Theater Arts Program: Information session: Friday, January 18, 2019 from 9:00 am - 11:30 a.m. For more information: Theater Arts Program Information
  • The SCVT general application will be available on the Vo Tech website at the end of October and it is due in February; please check the website: Application Information
  • BCMS Vo Tech Day: November 21st
  • Vo Tech Open House: February 2, 2019

Private School

Students interested in attending private school after BCMS must bring a signed Transcript Release Form and submit it to the guidance department. This form is given to you by the school you are applying to.

Give teacher recommendation forms to teachers with a stamped envelope addressed to the school you are applying to, or provide the on-line recommendation link to teachers. Please give teachers at least 2 weeks to complete recommendations.

Principal's Kindness Competition

Dear Parents/Caretakers,

Starting on Friday, September 21, your child began taking part in Start With Hello Week at BCMS. We kicked off this year’s Advisory program with an assembly and team building activities school-wide. Start With Hello teaches students, grades 2-12, the skills they need to reach out to and include those who may be dealing with chronic social isolation and create a culture of inclusion and connectedness within their classroom, school or youth organization. It will be the foundational curriculum for our Advisory program this year.

Social isolation is the overwhelming feeling of being left out, lonely, or treated like you are invisible. It is a growing epidemic in the United States and within our schools. Excessive feelings of isolation can be associated with violent and suicidal behavior. In fact, one study reports that chronic loneliness increases the risk of an early death by 14%. Furthermore, young people who are isolated can become victims of bullying, violence and/or depression. As a result, many further pull away from society, struggle with learning and social development and/or choose to hurt themselves or others.

We encourage you to talk to your child about the Start With Hello program and ask them to share what they are learning during Advisory. Not only will that help you learn how to support your child to identify isolation, reach out and connect, and Start With Hello, it also demonstrates to your child that you take this subject seriously and can support them in their actions to create a more connected and inclusive home, classroom, school and community.

For more information on Start With Hello and to sign up to receive the Start With Hello Parent Brochure, please visit:

Thank you,

Mrs. Maggie Ryan, MSW,LCSW, EdS School Counselor, BCMS

Mrs. Jenn Nelson, School Counselor, BCMS