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Qualifications to Become a Substitute Teacher:

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Teaching Certification:

Qualifications to Become a Substitute Nurse:

Substitute Nurse applicants must apply for a County Substitute Certificate if you do not hold a School Nurse certification. You do not need to provide college/university transcripts, but you will need to bring in your current nursing license.

To be a substitute nurse, you must hold the following qualifications:

Steps to Become a Substitute Teacher or Substitute Nurse:

Human Resources will help you through each step of the process!

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About Branchburg:

Branchburg Township School District is a K-8 district in Somerset County, NJ. The district consists of three schools: Whiton Elementary School (Pre-K - 3rd Grade), Stony Brook Elementary School (4th-5th Grade), and Branchburg Central Middle School (6th-8th Grade). As a Substitute in the district, you will be able to view and accept available assignments in all three schools. 

Additional Questions?

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