Mrs. Morgan

Growth Mindset Mathematics

Have you ever thought that there are two types of people, those that are good at math and those that are not?

Brain research contradicts this thinking.

Math Curriculum in Elementary School

Today's math curriculum is based on the common core standards and has two main components, content and practice.

Teacher's Corner

Mrs. Morgan's Favorite Mathematicians, Resources, and Presentations

Graham Fletcher

The Estimation Clipboard

Marilyn Burns

Dr. Nikki Newton

Number Talks Presentation

Math Talk Moves Presentation

Parent's Corner

Math Pilot

This year we are piloting two high quality math curriculum programs, Bridges and Ready Math. After careful review, we will invest in the program that best meets our needs. Check out the family resources that each program offers by clicking the links above.

Homework Help

This is not the way I learned math!

Parent Workshop Presentation

Videos and Materials to Play Some of our Favorite Math Games at Home