Berkshire Snow Club

No longer accepting NEW registrations for the season. There may be a few seats open on the bus, which I'll save for anyone already registered for the first session.

1/8/19 trip has been cancelled

Rain all day today and temps will be well above freezing this evening. High probability of rain tomorrow late afternoon/early evening. Even if Pine Knob did open and we did manage to dodge tomorrow's raindrops, we'd be skiing on groomed slush.

Everyone will receive a full refund for the trip at the end of the season.

If anyone is signed up for Winter I only and would like the opportunity to ski with us during Winter II (starting 1/22), please let me know. I can apply your refund towards a later trip.

Extended forecast is looking a bit better for next week, so let's hope!

e-mail me at with any questions.

Final 2018-2019 SNOW CLUB.pdf