color guard & winter guard

September 23 (Friday)

Participants wearing their mini spinner shirts will get into the game for free. You do not need to bring your mini flag with you to the game. We will have equipment at the game for you. I believe entrance cost is around $7 to get into the game for everyone else. The game begins at 7 PM.

When there are 2 (football) minutes left on the clock IN THE 1ST QUARTER please make your way to the north ramp of the stadium. We will gather here until the second quarter begins! Soon after the second quarter begins we will go warm up on the tennis courts and remind ourselves of the routines we learned in our small groups.

We will perform at halftime BEFORE the marching band goes. After we have performed please come find your child at the middle stairs heading to the track. PLEASE DO NOT BE ON THE TRACK DURING THE PERFORMANCE. We will be in the center of the field so you'll get the best video views from the stands! Once our performance has ended, then you can come down the stairs to grab your student! YOU ARE REQUIRED TO MEET YOUR STUDENT AT THE STAIRS. I will not let them go off on their own.

Practice Videos

Blue (PreK- 1)/ Yellow (2-3)/ Orange (4-5)/ Purple (6-8)

All videos have been mirrored, so students should be able to match and mirror the choreography from their teachers!

It doesn't have to be perfect. We will get some time before halftime on Friday to practice and their teachers will be on the field with them during the show!