Trackers for Teachers

Want to make sure you’re ready for the first day of school? Looking for a tool that will help you reflect on how your relationships with students, physical environment, norms and routines? This checklist addresses all of those in one concise page!

Class Social and Academic Tracker

Do you have a class that you just don’t get? Are you having problems figuring out what is going on with “those girls” or why some students just aren’t great during group work? Look at the forest through the trees! Use this tracker designed by grads to help track “soft skills” and other social factors.

Tripod survey

Want to better understand your students experience in your classroom? Ask them! Give your students the research-backed Tripod survey. Join thousands of teachers around the country (and many BTR grads) who have used this tool to help improve their practice.

Student feedback surveys

Curious about what your students are thinking about your lessons, the bathroom policy, the test you just gave, etc? Ask them. Here are some quick and easy ways to do this

What’s going on? (Dis)Engagement Tracker

Are you struggling to maintain engagement during part of your day or in a particular class? Well, you can’t fix this common teacher problem until you know what might be causing the lack of engagement. This tracker can help you collect data so you can make an informed next step.