Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to the Family Resource and Youth Services Center (FRYSC) parent resource page. Parenting is a difficult job, and often, families need support. To partner with parents, we've curated lots of resources for you here.

Not only are we here to support your family with basic needs, but we are also invested in your child's mental health. We have had the wonderful opportunity of including digital content with current family topics. Lisa King, a trusted counselor, has recorded some very relevant topics that might help you and/or your children. Please feel free to use these wonderful resources.

Don’t forget to check out our entire page for lots of local, state and national resources as well.


The FRYSC staff:

Kristen Griffin - JCES FRC

Hettie Harless - PES FRC

Liz Welch - WES FRC

Kathleen Sinkhorn - BCMS YSC

Sandra Clark - BCHS YSC

When Life gets you down...

32 minutes in length


23 minutes in length

Stay Positive

30 minutes in length

Skills for getting along

31 minutes in length

Cope, Communicate & Compassion

33 minutes in length

Understanding why children behave why they do

33 minutes

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