BASD Title I Programs

General Overview

Boyertown, Colebrookdale, Earl and Washington are the identified Title I elementary schools in our district. Middle School West is also identified as a Title I school. These schools receive Title I funding based on the percentage of low-income eligible students.

Title I is a federally funded program purposed with ensuring all children have a fair and equal opportunity to learn and grow. Beginning in the 2023-24, Boyertown has transitioned to a Schoolwide Title I program. A Schoolwide program is designed to serve all students in a Title I building and improve all structures to help support student learning.  Our Schoolwide plan was developed with the help of parents, community members, teachers, and administrators.  Our plan is evaluated annually to determine the impact that these supports have on student achievement. 

As a Schoolwide Title I building, the staff is reviewing all students' data to determine needs. Students are identified for intervention if in need of academic support, primarily in the area of reading. All students receiving additional support must qualify through our district assessments. 

Support is provided to the students individually or in small groups both in class and as a pullout program. Schools set a goal for academic progress that will be measured through mid-year and end-of-the-year assessments. The Reading Specialists, Intervention teachers,  paraprofessionals, and classroom teachers partner together to support all Title I students.

As a Title I Schoolwide building, all students are considered Title I students and all teachers are considered Title I teachers. All of our professionals are highly qualified teachers. They hold a Bachelor's Degree or higher, Pennsylvania certification, and have shown competency in their subject area. In addition, the paraprofessionals in the program are also highly qualified. They have either an  Associate’s or Bachelor's Degree, a minimum of two years of college, or have passed a rigorous local assessment. 

Our district works diligently to use the Title I funds as required and to provide these additional services to enhance the educational program of our Title I students. If you have any questions about the Title I program, please reach out to your building's reading specialist or call the Title I office at (610) 369-7414. 

Title I Handbooks

BASD Elementary School Title I Parent Handbook 1

BASD Elementary Title I Handbook

This slide deck provides information and FAQ's related to our ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Title I program.

BASD Middle School Title I Parent Handbook 1

BASD Middle School Title I Handbook

This slide deck provides information and FAQ's related to our MIDDLE SCHOOL Title I program.