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Metacognitions are more conscious of what causes their, and our, life success.  This is because they think about how they think first, before they think about their day-to-day activities.   Metacognitions are smarter because their "content" in place into a clear, conscious context.  Welcome to the Society of Metacognitions.  At SOM, we work together.  That makes us smarter.  Look around, the world needs smart and moral people.  We collectively are committed to doing just that.  Review our website.  If right for you, apply for membership.  

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 One of our Founding members, Professor Gary Deines, has just published his second book on cognition.  It is both a Self Help book and a Cognitive Science textbook.  The book is entitled "Your Conscious Brian/mind" (YCBM) and is available at Amazon for $19.95 as a paperback and $9.95 for online reading.  

It was clear to Professor Deines that we Cognitive Scientists, we "Academics" have not done a very good job sharing our new found insights with the public.  Therefore, in YCBM he bridges this gap point-by-point.  The brain is first described as the "hardware".  The mind, the boutons that grow connecting neurons,  is the memory programmed "software".  Then the metaphysical nature of Consciousness itself is described symbolically; as a useful metacognition.

It has been shown that these three insights (brain, mind, consciousness) make people smarter.  Not all, but an overwhelming majority.

The Society of Metacognitions offers our warm congratulations to Professor Deines (-g as he likes to be called ..  names are a quantum thing for him) for this seminal work.  It not only documents the elements of consciousness, it provides a practical payway forward for us all.    It is now easier to get smarter in your domain.

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