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Readers Welcome

Thank you for stopping by to visit the library page! While we may not be able to see each other face to face in the library, I hope that you'll use our online library to check out plenty of books. Email me at kbell@bousd.us for any questions. I also love giving recommendations on books!

Online Library Check-Out

Arovista is now doing all check-out of library books online! Please see the short presentation below for directions on how to check a library book out using our online format. All library books that are checked out from the library will be delivered to your student's classroom. For book return, students can find a book return box in front of the office.

How to Check-Out Books Online

Use the following link to search through Arovista's library and see the books we have available!


Check out Mrs. Grant's virtual classroom to see new books and the Book Pick of the Week!

Mrs. Grant's Digital Classroom


Some students may need a Chromebook while using Zoom at home. If you need one, or are having issues with your current Chromebook, please come to the front office, or email me (Mrs. Grant) at kbell@bousd.us. We will help get you squared away so your student can Zoom!

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