What is the Waller house system?

Waller Elementary strives to provide a positive and safe learning environment for all students. One of the key ways that our school is contributing to this goal is through implementation of a “house system.” The school-wide house system at Waller is composed of four “houses” which provide students with an adult mentor or advisor (average 1:15 ratio of adults to students) who encourages leadership, community, competition, safety and teamwork. Being a family member creates a sense of belonging and identity within the school for students, while also establishing accountability for meeting behavior and academic expectations.

How was my student selected for his/her house? How was his/her mentor/advisor selected?

House selections for students were selected randomly across all grade levels (K-5.) All staff participated in a random drawing to reveal which house they would be assigned to. Within a house are adult mentors. Mentors are assigned by matching house and grade level (K-2 or 3-5.)

What is the role of the mentor/advisor?

The mentor or advisor serves as a house leader and provides students with an adult on campus that they can build a positive relationship with. Advisors will lead lessons in safety, character building, assist students in setting personal goals for behavior and academics, and encourage peer to peer relationship building. Students meet with their advisory team twice a month.

What are house meetings and often do they occur?

School-wide house meetings will take place at the beginning of each month. House meetings promote team spirit, community and competition! As students earn points through the PBIS Rewards App, so does their assigned house. Houses who lead in points are revealed at the meetings. The house with the most points at the end of each month, will attend a house party and be named the house champion for the month. The party will include ALL members of the winning house regardless of the number of points they have earned throughout the month individually. Everyone matters and is important to the success of their house!

How were houses named?

Waller Elementary staff chose to focus on four traits that they expected all staff and students in the Wildcat family to have. These include friendship, honor, knowledge, and respect.

Learn more about each house below!

House of Amizade (Portuguese)

English Translation: Friendship

Color: Red

House of Heshima (Swahili)

English Translation: Honor

Color: Blue

House of Ignosi (Greek)

English Translation: Knowledge

Color: Yellow

House of Quantum (Latin)

English Translation: Respect

Color: Orange