Social Studies

Victoria Baldridge

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U.S. History

David George

Phone: (318) 759-2286

World History, Head Freshmen Football Coach, Asst. Wrestling Coach

Coach George is starting his 7th year at Parkway High School. In his spare time he and his wife travel the world. He has been to 30 foreign countries so far, mostly in Europe. He really enjoys teaching World History because he has been to a lot of the places he teaches about. He is a graduate of Parkway High School.

Eddie Pentecost

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Civics, Assistant Football Coach, Assistant Baseball Coach

David Dinkins

Phone: (318) 759-2240

World History, College Western Civ.

I'm originally from Shreveport, but attended college at the University of Missouri - Kansas City, where I received my B.A. in history. I then returned to Shreveport and enrolled at Louisiana Tech, where I earned my M.A. in history in 2006. I couldn't figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up, so I began a career in management. I spent eight years as Assistant Director of the LSUS Bookstore, and for four of those years I also taught both Western Civ and US History as an adjunct instructor at LSUS. During that time, I discovered a passion for teaching and am thrilled to be doing that as my full-time job at Parkway High School.

I'm blessed to have a beautiful wife, Ashley, and three amazing boys. I'm also the dad of three pugs, two cats and about 30 fish. I love to travel, and can't think of any better way to develop and grow as a person. The world is such an incredibly huge place full of extraordinary people and cultures. Nothing expands your perspective and puts life in context in quite the same way as traveling. When not teaching or traveling, I love to read. A good book can take me to all the places I haven't had a chance to visit yet!

Mike Manno

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Eva Burley

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US History & World History

Neil May

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World Geography

Matthew Sewell

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World Geography / Varsity Football