Dress Code & Guidelines



In order for each child to receive a well-ordered education, school officials have the responsibility of maintaining an atmosphere conducive to learning in which the student can achieve his/her maximum potential. The Bossier Parish School Board has set a mandatory dress code policy, which includes school uniforms. Parkway High School will adhere to the Bossier Parish School Board policy and the following rules will apply:


    • Polo-type shirts: solid black, red (not maroon), navy, light blue (powder blue), or white
    • Long-sleeved button down shirts: solid black, red (not maroon), navy, light blue (powder blue), or white
      • Must be buttoned properly at all times
      • The shirt may not be worn in a jacket type manner with several buttons opened exposing the undergarment.
    • Logos and labels on uniform shirts should not be excessive in size as determined by administration
    • All tops must be long enough to tuck in and stay in
    • Rolling of shirt tails will not be allowed
    • Short-sleeved crew neck undershirt: solid colors
    • Long-sleeved crew neck undershirt: solid white, solid red, or solid black


  • Pants – navy, khaki, or black; NOTE: yoga pants, leggings, jeggings, and the like, are prohibited
  • Shorts - navy, khaki, or black colored made of “khaki” material; NOTE: gym shorts, athletic-type shorts, and the like, are prohibited. Shorts cannot be rolled up.
  • Girls – navy, khaki, or black colored skirts, skorts, or capri pants (no jumpers)
  • Skirts, skorts, and shorts must be no shorter than the length of one’s fingertips with arms at one’s side and no longer than the bottom of one’s knee.
  • Tights: only opaque solid black or opaque solid navy
  • NAVY, KHAKI or BLACK DENIM PANTS are prohibited

OUTERWEAR: (approved uniform top MUST be worn under outerwear)

  • Solid, solid black, navy, solid red (not maroon), solid grey, or solid white colored jacket, coat, sweater, sweater vest, sweatshirt
  • Outerwear from a club/athletic organization or approved by the administration must be navy, black, red, grey, or white colored
  • Outerwear that is longer than the length of shorts or skirts is prohibited
  • Earned letter jackets are acceptable.
  • Outerwear such as sweaters and sweatshirts are NOT to be worn under approved uniform shirt tops.

All uniforms must be worn in the manner designed by the manufacturer meeting the school dress code specifications. There will not be any mutilation of clothing including, but not limited to tearing, ripping, or cutting of hems, or cuffs. NO OVERSIZING, NO UNDERSIZING, and NO SAGGING! THE UNIFORM MUST BE FITTED APPROPRIATELY.

BELTS: Belts must be worn with all clothing designed for belts. Belts are to be worn correctly and buckles are not to be of excessive size or offensive in design.

SHOES: Shoes must be worn at all times. SHOES considered hazardous are prohibited and include but are not limited to: rubber or foam swim footwear, beach or pool sandals, or house shoes/slippers/ athletic slides.

HEADWEAR: No form of headwear will be permitted on school campus before or during school hours.

SPIRIT DAY: Students are permitted to wear the approved Parkway spirit shirt which is sold through the bookstore/office. The PHS spirit shirt is the only spirit shirt that can be worn Monday through Friday. Spirit groups and athletic team members may wear their uniform/jersey on their game days at their coaches discretion. All other spirit gear is for games and after school functions. Club shirts can be worn on Friday of each week and must be PHS colors.

JEWELRY: Items that detract from the instructional program or present a health and safety concern will not be permitted. Pierced ears are acceptable as long as the number is reasonable, the style is in good taste and dress code guidelines are met. Other school organizations may prohibit the wearing of earrings. OTHER FORMS OF BODY PIERCING (i.e. lips, nose, eyelids, tongue, or other body parts) WILL NOT BE ALLOWED.

HAIRSTYLES: The following will not be permitted: designs cut into hair/head causing a distraction, notched/shaved eyebrows, or any hairstyle or unnatural color that detracts from or disrupts the classroom and/or school decorum as determined by the administration.

STUDENT IDs: According to school policy, each student is required to have on their person the current year’s Parkway High School identification (ID) card throughout the normal school day (expired ID cards will be confiscated).

One ID is supplied to each student without cost. The ID is not to be defaced in any way including writing, cutting, or placing stickers on the card. Students are required to purchase a new ID if it is defaced in any manner and cannot be returned to its original state.

Violations of the dress code policy will be addressed and may result in disciplinary action.


  • No visible writing on any part of the uniform (tops, bottoms, jackets, backpacks, IDs, shoes, socks or belt) *Exception: Please write your child’s name on the tag inside clothing with a permanent marker in case the item is lost or stolen
  • No inappropriate or detracting wording should appear on any part of the uniform including jewelry.
  • Gang, drug, and racist-related dress are not allowed.
  • Shorts, skirts, and skorts must be no shorter than 3 inches above the knee cap and shorts will be no longer than the bottom of the kneecap.
  • No hats or hoods are allowed to be worn inside the school.
  • Pants will not drag on the floor in a manner that mutilates or destroys the pants by stepping or tripping on them. Pants may NOT be rolled up to a calf length or tight rolled around the ankle.
  • Pants must be worn at the waist. There will be no sagging of pants.
  • All buttons except for the top button must be buttoned on all shirts.
  • All uniforms must be sized correctly in order to avoid ANY sagging or tight-fitting tops or bottoms.
  • Labels on shirts and pants may not exceed 1” x 1” and labels on jackets may not exceed 2” x 2” and it must be an original manufacturer label.
  • Uniforms need to be kept in good condition and clean. No mutilation of any kind is allowed. Mutilations include, but are not limited to, writing, tearing, ripping or cutting of hems, cuffs, sleeves or body of any of the uniform parts.
  • Blankets and Snuggies are not allowed.
  • Distracting tattoos may be required to be covered if needed.
  • Colored contacts and distracting glasses are not allowed. Eyeglasses must be prescribed by a doctor.
  • IF A CLOTHING ITEM OR JACKET IS NOT LISTED AS APPROVED, IT IS NOT ALLOWED TO BE WORN AT PHS. Please contact the office if you have questions.
  • Rings can be worn with the exception of hooped nose rings.

NOTE: This is only a guide for students who are in noncompliance with the PHS Dress Code. Students who are willfully out of uniform and disobedient may receive a Disciplinary Referral on their first violation depending on the situation.

Major Uniform Violations such as unapproved hair color, excessive facial hair, designs in hair, revealing clothing (too tight, short, etc.), drug/alcohol/ gang related clothing etc. will result in student being placed in GASP until the issue is resolved. In addition to GASP placement, the student is subject to further disciplinary action for violating school rules including, after school detention, Saturday Detention, GASP, and/or suspension. See below information in regards to consequences for dress code violations.

Administrative Action:

1st Offense Warning

2nd Offense Warning

3rd Offense Warning

4th Offense 1 After School Detention

5th Offense 1 After School Detention

6th Offense 1 After School Detention

7th Offense 1 GASP

8th Offense Administrator Discretion