Fight Song

Stand up and cheer for Parkway

Let's keep our goals in view

To win this game tonight and show

The rest, our team is true

We know we've got the know how

Our spirit is the best so let's all give a might roar for the good ole PHS




Alma Mater

Hail to the Red

Hail to the White

Hail Alma Mater

Hail to her Might

True faithful students

We praise thee to the sky

Loyal forever

to Parkway High

2018-2019 Members

Abbey Dipboye

Anna Grace Johnson

Brianna Roblow-Law

Cameron Lee

Emily Wallace

Faith Ingles

Hailee Rivers

Hannah Wilder

Jhayla Norris

Kayleigh Cash

Lauren Klofach-Shepan

Madison Duddy

Naomi Drummond

Olivia Bamburg

Piper Brown

Regan Digilormo

Sarah Sutton