What counts as an absence?

When your child is not in attendance at school for any reason and for any amount of time, whether excused or unexcused.

ALL non-documented absences will show as unexcused until appropriate documentation is received.

ALL forms of documentation will ONLY be accepted within 3 days of the absence.

For questions about compulsory attendance laws, please see your campus' student handbook.

How can I report my student’s absence?

The following are approved documentation for attendance (at campus discretion):

  • Parent-signed note to the campus attendance clerk upon return to school.

  • Parent phone call to campus attendance clerk on the day of the absence MAY be allowed at campus discretion.

  • A doctor’s note can be delivered to the attendance office or directly emailed or faxed from doctor’s office to campus.

Do I need a doctor’s note to verify an absence for illness?

  • If your child has been absent 3 consecutive days, a doctor’s note is required within 5 days upon return to school.

  • Campus has the discretion to require doctor's note at any point.

  • For all day absences due to illness, we now accept a signed parent note to excuse the absence in addition to a doctor’s note.

  • HOWEVER, partial day absences due to a doctor’s visit, a doctor’s note is still required.

How many absences can my student have per semester?

While all absences affect your student’s overall success in school, the state’s legal requirements with Minimum Attendance for Class Credit or Final Grade (90% Rule; TEC 25.092) requires that all students must be present 90% of the time each class is offered. All absences affect grade promotion and credit earned including full and partial days (even just one period).

Do tardies count as absences?

For official attendance accounting purposes, “tardies” do not exist. The student is absent if they are not present when roll is taken. However, locally designed codes may be implemented to indicate that the following occurred:

  • a student arrived late to class before official roll call and was counted present for ADA and FSP purposes, or

  • a student arrived late to class after official roll call and was counted absent for ADA and FSP purposes.

  • Locally, 3 tardies will result in one absence.

What is the difference between excused and unexcused absences?

Excused absence is any absence allowed under the state’s compulsory attendance laws and any absence that complies with the district’s and/or campus documentation requirements. However, the district is not required to excuse any absences that are not found under the state’s compulsory attendance laws.

An unexcused absence is any absence NOT allowed under the state’s compulsory attendance laws and that does not comply with the district’s and/or campus documentation requirements. (See Student Handbook). NOTE: Each campus has discretion in determining documentation requirements for excusing an absence.

Why do I keep receiving letters from the district regarding my student’s absences?

School attendance is critical to students’ success, and we miss them when they are absent! Therefore, we track attendance daily, and Texas law requires us to notify you at 3, 7, and 10 absences. Continuous communication with parents allows us to partner with you in helping your child be present at school every day.

What does having too many absences really mean for my child?

Numerous absences, whether excused or unexcused, may jeopardize a student’s ability to receive credit or final grades for classes

(see the TEC, §25.092, for requirements related to minimum attendance for class credit or a final grade).