john hill school

weekly update 3/1/19

Middle grade students recognized for academic and leadership awards

The middle grades celebrated their successes over the first two marking periods by having an awards assembly. Students were recognized for their academic successes in their core and special area subjects. They were also honored for their hard work, good deeds and the kindness and respect they demonstrate towards their peers. Congratulations to all our star students!


(Preschool Students visit class pet)

This week, our preschool class visited Mrs. Crithary's class to learn about her class pet, "Darwin" the Bearded Dragon. Preschool students have been talking about small creatures in their Science Center, and trip up to the 3rd floor provided a wonderful opportunity to deepen their understanding in a hands-on manner. Students learned some facts, and were able to pet the bearded dragon.

6th grade students get hands on with ratios

Students in Mrs. Haight's math class worked with color mixtures to make sense of equivalent ratios. They mixed blue and yellow water to create a shade of green, then made additional batches to compare the color. Additionally, they changed the ratio of blue and green water to compare shades of green produced. This activity reinforced the idea that scaling a recipe up or down requires scaling each ingredient by the same factor.

1st annual literacy night a success

The 7th grade students successfully put together the first annual literacy night for Boonton's elementary students. The children had the opportunity to visit the Boonton Barista, story time, arts and crafts and literacy and technology games.

4th grade students partake in math explorations

As one of the most recent activities in the T.A.K.E. Flight Enrichment Program, 4th grade students are rotating through math explorations as they consider core concepts in a fun-filled manner that is designed to meet the needs of specific groups of students. As seen in the accompanying pictures, one rotation participated in a "Geometry 101 Scavenger Hunt" with the guidance of Mrs. Nguyen. After being exposed to 15 key geometry terms, students used tablets to walk around the school in small teams to identify angles and shapes that were hidden everywhere. Have you ever noticed that a stapler is an acute angle, or that the railings are obtuse angles? How about that the ceiling tiles are full of perpendicular angles and the floor tiles are right angles? Students will continue to make such discoveries as they progress through more math enrichment rotations to come!


In celebration of Dr. Seuss' Birthday, Ms. Cechony and Mrs. Davis visited our elementary classrooms to present a gift of a book to every student. Our students and school are very appreciative of this PTA's generosity and continued support of our students' learning!


This is a final call for Multicultural Night sign-ups. If you would like to learn more about this event or are interested in hosting a table to celebrate a specific culture, please see the linked information flyer.

2) We will be on an early dismissal schedule Monday, march 4th