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Golden Sierra Athletic Recognition


Football 2022-23

Jackson Klahn - Football (V)- Most Valuable Player

Dylan Bingham - Football (V) Coaches Award

William Royeton - Football (V) Most Improved

Drennan Gaw - Football (V) Lineman of the Year

Koa Larson - Football (V) Unsung Hero

Marcus Profitt - Football (V) Most Inspirational

Girls Volleyball 2022-23

Sydney Proctor - Volleyball (V)- Most Valuable Player

Madisin Strahan - Volleyball (V) Coaches Award

Adria Garcia - Volleyball (V)- Most Improved

Olivia Totilaz - Volleyball (V) Golden Griz

Layla Pryde - Volleyball (JV)- Most Valuable Player

Gracie Greek - Volleyball (JV)- Most Improved

Hailey Hein - Volleyball (JV) Coaches Award

Tabitha Heibeck - Volleyball (JV) Golden Griz

Lila Bergen - Volleyball (8th) Most Valuable Player

Anna Marcucci - Volleyball (8th) Most Improved

Peyton Frantzich - Volleyball (8th) Coaches Award

Hope McDougal - Volleyball (7th) Most Valuable Player

Tessa Hill - Volleyball (7th) Most Improved

Halle O'Harra - Volleyball (7th) Coaches Award

Cheer 2022-23

Kierra Miller - Cheer (V)- Most Valuable Player

Lily McCall- Cheer (V)- Most Improved

Faith McCoard - Cheer (V)- Coaches Award

Cadence Baker - Cheer (V) Best Cheer

Maiah Liddicoat - Cheer (V) Best Dance

Cross Country 2022-23

Landon York - Cross Country (V) Boy's Most Valuable Player

Zofia Bradford - Cross Country (V) Girl's Most Valuable Player

Peyton Lesher - Cross Country (8th) Coaches Award


Boys Basketball 2022-23

Patrick Bingham- Boys Basketball (V)- 

Most Valuable Player

Jordan Harper -Boys Basketball (V-) Most Improved

Dylan (Zach) Bingham- Boys Basketball (V)- Coaches Award

Gavin Miller- Boys Basketball (JV) - Most Valuable Player

Cody Olson- Boys Basketball (JV)-  Defensive Player of the Year

Connor Warren- Boys Basketball (JV)- Offensive Player of the Year

William Drescher- Boys Basketball (8th)- Most Valuable Player

Michael Goski- Boys Basketball (8th)- Defensive Player of the Year

Christopher Goski- Boys Basketball (8th)- Defensive Player of the Year

Levi Jower- Boys Basketball (7th)- Most Valuable Player

Cameron Cox- Boys Basketball (7th)- Offensive Player of Talent

Aaron Rodgers- Boys Basketball (7th)- Most Improved

Girls Basketball 2022-23

Ava Filice- Girls Basketball (V)- Most Valuable Player

Raychel Reed- Girls Basketball (V) Coaches Award

Macy Nah Aquino - Girls Basketball (V)- Grizzly On Fire

Alexis Hillman- Girls Basketball (V) Most Improved

Gracey Nordby - Girls Basketball (V)-  Most Inspirational

Zofia Bradford - Girls Basketball (V)- Fierce Grizzly

Peyton Lesher- Girls Basketball (8th)- Most Valuable Player

Lila Bergen- Girls Basketball (8th)- Coaches Award

Anna Marcucci- Girls Basketball (8th)- Most Improved

Aliyah Johnson- Girls Basketball (7th)- MVP

Mary Nicole Turner- Girls Basketball (7th)- Offensive MVP

Scarlet Harvey- Girls Basketball (7th)- Defensive MVP

Boys Soccer 2022-23

Eli Cole- Boys Soccer (V)-  Most Valuable Player

Carter Brust- Boys Soccer (V) MVP Offense

Chase LeBlanc- Boys Soccer (V) MVP Defense

Landon York- Boys Soccer (V)- Most Inspirational

Adan Mendoza - Boys Soccer (V)- Most Improved

Girls Soccer 2022-23

Lola Wright- Girls Soccer (V) Most Valuable Player

Lily Gerondakis- Girls Soccer (V) MVP Defense

Cassie Garrigues- Girls Soccer (V) Most Inspirational

Olivia Totilaz- Girls Soccer (V) Most Inspirational

Wrestling 2022-23

Landon Howard- Wrestling (V)- Most Valuable Player

Isaac Hillman- Wrestling (V) Coaches Award

Ronald Johnson IV- Wrestling (V) Coaches Award


Baseball 2022-23

Jackson Klahn- Baseball (V)-  Most Valuable Player

Bruce Rayford- Baseball (V)- Most Improved

Logan Borovich- Baseball (V)- Coaches Award

Softball 2022-23

Madison Roney- Softball (V)- Offensive Player of the Year

Raychel Reed- Softball (V)- Defensive Player of the Year

Marina MacPherson- Softball (V)-  Rookie of the Year

Boys Volleyball 2022-23

Austin Cole- Boys Volleyball (V)- Most Valuable Player

Carter Brust- Boys Volleyball (V)- Most Improved

Marcus Profitt- Boys Volleyball (V)- Coaches Award

Paco DeLange- Boys Volleyball (V)- Grizzly Award

William Drescher- Boys Volleyball (8th)- Most Valuable Player

Levi Jower- Boys Volleyball (7th)- Most Valuable Player

John Bradford- Boys Volleyball (8th)- Coaches Award

Aaron Rodgers- Boys Volleyball (7th)- Coaches Award

Michael Brooks- Boys Volleyball (8th)- Most Improved

Wyatt Drescher- Boys Volleyball (NS)- Most Improved

Track & Field 2022-23

Lola Wright- Track & Field (V)- Most Valuable Player Track & Field

Zofia Bradford- Track & Field (V)- Girls Most Valuable Player Track

Chloe Stowell- Track & Field (V)- Girls Most Valuable Player Field

Landon York- Track & Field (V)- Boys Most Valuable Player Track

Charles Onrad- Track & Field (V)- Boys Most Valuable Player Field

Dylan Zacha- Track & Field (JH)- Most Valuable Player

Zoe Almendariz- Track & Field (JH)- Most Improved

Allison Kessler- Track & Field (JH)- Coaches Award

Swim 2022-23

Lily Erwin- Swim (V)- Most Valuable Player

Madisin Strahan- Swim (V)- Coaches Award

Carley Smith- Swim (V)- Most Improved

Tennis 2022-23

Zach Bingham- Tennis (V)- 

Men's Singles Most Valuable Player

Golf 2022-23

Korbin McCanless- Golf (V)-  Most Valuable Player

Sierra Delta League Honors

All League-MVP 2022-23

Boys Cross Country - MVP

Landon York

Girls Soccer- MVP Offense

Lola Wright

Girls Soccer- CO-MVP Defense

Lily Gerondakis

Wrestling- Lightweight MVP

Landon Howard

Golf- MVP

Scott Doan

Swim- MVP

Lily Erwin

Girls Track- MVP

Lola Wright

Girls Field- MVP

Chloe Stowell

All League 2022-23

Cross Country

Levi York

Zofia Bradford

Lola Wright

Girl's Volleyball

Raychel Reed

Sydney Proctor


Drennan Gaw

Dylan (Zach) Bingham

Jackson Klahn

Girl's Basketball

Ava Filice

Raychel Reed

Macy Nah-Aquino

Boy's Basketball

Patrick Bingham

Girl's Soccer

Olivia Totilaz

Alexandra Lewis

Audrey Dunning

Cassie Garrigues

Boy's Soccer

Carter Brust

Eli Cole


Isaac Hillman

Landon Howard


Logan Borovich

Tony Alvares

Bob Baxley

Linkin Phipps

Boy's Volleyball

Tyrel Roberson


Madison Roney

Raychel Reed

Olivia Totilaz


Celanire Christner

Tala Wertz

Madisin Strahan

Boy's Track & Field

Charles Onrad

Sam Parr

Drew Zacha

Marcus Proffit

Aiden Pullin

Landon York

Girl's Track & Field

Parker Meyers 

Sophia Stigen

Shaylen Vertin

Zofia Bradford

Honorable Mention 2022-23

Girl's Volleyball

Celanire Christner

Madison Roney


Koa Larson

Marcus Profitt

Gavin Miller

Girl's Basketball

Zofia Bradford

Gracey Nordby

Boy's Basketball

Dylan (Zach) Bingham

Tony Alvarez

Girl's Soccer

Arianna Baxley

Olivia Blakley

Zofia Bradford

Boy's Soccer

Dylan (Zach) Bingham

Landon York


Jackson Klahn

Jordan Harper

Boy's Volleyball

Carter Brust

Austin Cole

Sierra Delta League- Academic All League

Fall 2022-23

Dylan (Zach) Bingham-Football

Jordan Clark - Football

Bradley Dodson - Football

Hayden Garvey - Football

Laban Jacobson - Football

Gavin Miller - Football

Charles Onorad - Football

Marcus Profitt-Football/Cross Country

Zofia Bradford - Cross Country

Mitchell Bradley-Cross Country

Sam Parr - Cross Country

Chloe Stowell - Cross Country

Lola Wright - Cross Country

Landon York - Cross Country

Levi York - Cross Country

Adria Garcia - Volleyball

Madison Glass - Volleyball

Marina McPherson-Volleyball

Raychel Reed - Volleyball

Madison Roney - Volleyball

Sofia Royeton - Volleyball

Madisin Strahan - Volleyball

Olivia Totilaz - Volleyball

Shaylen Vertin - Volleyball

Skylar Allen - Cheer

Cadence Baker - Cheer

Addison Barbour - Cheer

Alexis Blish - Cheer

Isabella Damron - Cheer

Ava Filice - Cheer

Cassie Garrigues - Cheer

Taylor Kopp - Cheer

Maiah Liddicoat - Cheer

Kierra Miller - Cheer

Addison Stoffregen - Cheer

Winter 2022-23

Dylan (Zach) Bingham - Soccer/Basketball

Jordan Harper - Basketball

Devin Nibbelink - Basketball

Zofia Bradford - Soccer/Basketball

Raychel Reed - Basketball

Emma Siebelink - Basketball

Shelby VanWinkle - Basketball

Shaylen Vertin - Basketball

Carter Brust - Soccer

Asher Campbell - Soccer

Austin Cole - Soccer

Eli Cole - Soccer

Paco De Lange - Soccer

Nolan Infalt - Soccer

Chase LeBlanc - Soccer

Adan Mendoza - Soccer

Vetus Okunev - Soccer

Eric Palomar - Soccer

Sam Parr - Soccer

Marcus Profitt - Soccer/Wrestling

Landon York - Soccer

Levi York - Soccer

Addison Barbour - Soccer

Olivia Blakley - Soccer

Audrey Dunning - Soccer

Adria Garcia - Soccer

Cassie Garrigues - Soccer

Elise Lewin - Soccer

Alexandra Lewis - Soccer

Jayla Martin - Soccer

Chloe Stowell - Soccer

Madisin Strahan - Soccer

Olivia Totilaz - Soccer

Lola Wright - Soccer

Jordan Clark - Wrestling

Landon Howard - Wrestling

Joshua Wright - Wrestling

Spring 2021-22

Hayden Cox- Baseball

Mason Phipps- Baseball

Tyson Thomas- Baseball

Parker Kahn- Baseball/Volleyball

Chase LeBlanc- Volleyball/Track

Levi York- Volleyball/Track

Zach Bingham- Volleyball/Tennis

Eli Cole- Volleyball/Track

Korbin McCanless- Golf

Olivia Totilaz- Softball

Rebecca Reed- Softball/Track

Raychel Reed- Softball

Madison Roney- Softball

Elise Lewin- Track

Chloe Stowell- Track

Jon Loya- Track

Charles Onorad- Track

Sammy Lewis- Track

Zofia Bradford- Track

Allie Lewis- Track

Shaylen Vertin- Track

Lola Wright- Track

Zoey Petersen- Swim

Lily Erwin- Swim