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Golden Sierra Athletic Recognition


Football 2023-24

Aiden Pullin - Football (V)- Most Valuable Player

Gavin Miller- Football (V) Offensive Player of the Year

Laban Jacobson- Football (V) Defensive Player of the Year

Dakotah Burch- Football (V) Iron man Award

Charles Onorad- Football (V) Coaches Award

Jordan Harper- Football (V) Grizzly Award

Cody Mc Coard - Football (JV)- Most Valuable Player

Michael Goski- Football (JV) Offensive Player of the Year

Jacob Justice- Football (JV) Defensive Player of the Year

Andrew Gerondakis- Football (JV) Iron man Award

Girls Volleyball 2023-24

Celanire Christner- Volleyball (V)- Most Valuable Player

Olivia Totilaz- Volleyball (V)- Most Outstanding Player

Cheynne Ashmore - Volleyball (V) Coaches Award

Kylie Ladner - Volleyball (V)- Most Improved

Marina MacPherson - Volleyball (V) Golden Grizzly 

Hailey Hein - Volleyball (JV)- Most Valuable Player

Anna Marcucci - Volleyball (JV)- Most Improved

Gracie Greek - Volleyball (JV) Coaches Award

Lily Hunt - Volleyball (JV) Golden Grizz

Tessa Hill - Volleyball (8th) Most Valuable Player

Halle O'Harra - Volleyball (8th) Most Reliable Player

Hope Dougall - Volleyball (8th) Coaches Award

 Kennedi Strahan- Volleyball (7th) Most Valuable Player

Sophia Trahan- Volleyball (7th) Offensive Player of the Year

 Lilly Williams- Volleyball (7th) Most Improved

Cheer 2023-24

 Faith Mc Coard- Cheer (V)- Most Valuable Player

Lily Larson-Cheer (V)- Most Improved

Addison Barbour- Cheer (V)- Coaches Award

Adwen Medina- Cheer (V) Best Cheer

Faith Mc Coard- Cheer (V) Best Dance

Cross Country 2023-24

Sam Parr- Cross Country (V) Boy's Most Valuable Player

Zofia Bradford- Cross Country (V) Girl's Most Valuable Player

Alison Kessler- Cross Country (8th) Most Valuable Player

Lukas Reichardt- Cross Country (7th) Most Valuable Player


Boys Basketball 2023-24

Partick Bingham- Boys Basketball (V)- 

Most Valuable Player

Levi Jower- Boys Basketball (8th)- Most Valuable Player

Jack Pitts- Boys Basketball (8th)- Most Improved

Ashton Monti -Boys Basketball (8th)- Most Versatile

Bobby Sheldon- Boys Basketball (7th)- Most Valuable Player

Isaiah Mayfield- Boys Basketball (7th)- Coaches Award

Wyatt Drescher- Boys Basketball (7th)- Most Versatile

Girls Basketball 2023-24

Zofia Bradford-Girls Basketball (V)- Most Valuable Player

Carly Sherman- Girls Basketball (V) Coaches Award

Peyton Lesher- Girls Basketball (V) Captains Award

Peyton Frantzich- Girls Basketball (V)-  Most Inspirational

Gracey Nordby- Girls Basketball (V)- Fierce Grizzly

Mary Nicole Turner- Girls Basketball (8th)- Most Valuable Player

Scarlet Harvey- Girls Basketball (8th)- Offensive MVP

Aaliyah Johnson- Girls Basketball (8th)- Defensive MVP

Sophie Trahan- Girls Basketball (7th)- MVP

Lily Williams- Girls Basketball (7th)- Most Versatile

Annabelle Baxley- Girls Basketball (7th)- Coacehs Award

Boys Soccer 2023-24

Carter Brust- Boys Soccer (V)-  Most Valuable Player

Paco deLange- Boys Soccer (V) Co-MVP Offense

Levi York- Boys Soccer (V) Co-MVP Offense

Austin Cole- Boys Soccer (V) MVP Defense

Paco deLange- Boys Soccer (V)- Most Inspirational

Sam Parr- Boys Soccer (V)- Most Improved

Girls Soccer 2023-24

Allie Lewis- Girls Soccer (V) Most Valuable Player

Jayla Martin- Girls Soccer (V) MVP Defense

Ruby Sanchez-Girls Soccer (V) Coaches Award

Chloe Blish- Girls Soccer (V) Most Inspirational

Zofia Bradford-Girls Soccer (V) Best Assists

Olivia Totilaz-Girls Soccer (V) Best Long shot

Tessa Hill-Girls Soccer (JH) Offensive MVP

Scarlet Harvey-Girls Soccer (JH) Defensive MVP

MacKenzie Orcutt-Girls Soccer (JH) Coaches Award

Wrestling 2023-24

Cody McCoard- Wrestling (V)- Most Valuable Player

Dakotah Burch- Wrestling (V) Rod Hedlund Award

Bobby Baxley- Wrestling (V) Rookie Of the Year

Jordan Clark-Wrestling (V) Most Improved


Baseball 2023-24

Linkin Phipps- Baseball (V)-  Most Valuable Player

Jacob Rodenbaugh-Baseball (V)- Most Improved

 Anthony Alvarez- Baseball (V)- Coaches Award

Softball 2023-24

Kylie Ladner- Softball (V)- Most Valuable Player

Gianna Trapani- Softball (V)- Most Improved

Elena Vandervroot- Softball (V)-  Rookie of the Year

Boys Volleyball 2023-24

Tyrel Robertson- Boys Volleyball (V)- Most Valuable Player

Vetas Okunev-Boys Volleyball (V)- Most Improved

Austin Cole- Boys Volleyball (V)- Coaches Award

Paco deLange- Boys Volleyball (V)- Golden Grizzly

Levi Jower- Boys Volleyball (8th)- Most Valuable Player

Robert Bradford- Boys Volleyball (7th)- Most Valuable Player

Makua Larson- Boys Volleyball (8th)- Coaches Award

Tegan O'Harra- Boys Volleyball (7th)--Coaches Award

Alex Torres- Boys Volleyball (8th)- Most Skilled

Laeken Willis- Boys Volleyball (7th)- Offensive Player of the Year 

Track & Field 2023-24

Aiden Pullin- Track & Field (V)- Most Valuable Player Boys Track

Zofia Bradford -Track & Field (V)- Most Valuable Player Girls Track

Shaylen Vertin- Track & Field (V)- Most Valuable Player Girls Field

Charles Onorad- Track & Field (V)- Most Valuable Player Boys Track

Laban Jacobson- Track & Field (V)- Most Improved

Cameron Kiley- Track & Field (V)- Coaches Award

Sam Johnson- Track & Field (V)- Most Inspirational

-Track & Field (JH)- Most Valuable Player

- Track & Field (JH)- Most Improved

- Track & Field (JH)- Coaches Award

Swim 2023-24

Lily Erwin- Swim (V)- Most Valuable Player

Violet Lind- Swim (V)- Coaches Award

Carley Smith- Swim (V)- Most Improved

Tennis 2023-24

Cody Rollins- Tennis (V)-  Most Valuable Player

Golf 2023-24

Uriah Pryde- Golf (V)-  Most Valuable Player

Sierra Delta League Honors

All League-MVP 2023-24

Girls Cross Country - MVP

Zofia Bradford

Boys Soccer - Offensive MVP

Carter Brust

Girls Soccer - Offensive MVP

Allie Lewis

Wrestling - Heavyweight MVP

Dakotah Burch

Swim- Girls MVP

Lily Erwin

Track & Field- Boys Track MVP

Aiden Pullin

Track & Field- Girls Track MVP

Zofia Bradford

Track & Field- Boys Field MVP

Charles Onorad

Golf- MVP

Uriah Pryde

All League 2023-24

Cross Country

Levi York

Dylan Zacha

Grace Hunter

Girl's Volleyball

Celanire Christner

Olivia Totillaz


Jordan Harper- Quarterback

Aiden Pullin- Running Back

Gavin Miller- Running Back

Charles Onorad- Defensive Back

Laban Jacobson- Offensive Line

James Evans- Offensive Line

Boys Basketball

Patrick Bingham

Ryder Spies

Jordan Harper

Girls Basketball

Zofia Bradford

Gracey Nordby

Boys Soccer

Paco deLange

Girls Soccer

Jayla Martin

Olivia Totilaz

Zofia Bradford

Eden Ogden


Cody McCoard

Dakotah Burch


Cody Rollins


Kaytie Watters

Celanire Christner

Madisin Strahan

Boys Volleyball

Tyrel Robertson

Boys Track & Field

Laban Jacobson

Sam Parr

Drew Zacha

Girls Track & Field

Gracey Nordby

Adelle Lisonbee

Allie Lewis

Payton Frantzich

Dylan Zacha

Shaylen Vertin

Sophia Stigen

Chloe Blish

Gracie Hunter

Parker Meyers


Linkin Phipps

Logan Borovich

Tony Alvarez

Bobby Baxley


Olivia Totilaz

Kylie Ladner

Marina MacPherson

Nevaeh Peoples

Marina Howell

Boys Golf

Connor Warren

Ethan Caruthers

Honorable Mention 2023-24

Girl's Volleyball

Eden Ogden


Jason Sasser- Linebacker

Preston Radich - Running Back

Bobby Baxley- Linebacker

Dakota Burch- Offensive Line

Boys Basketball

William Drescher

Devin Nibbelink

Girls Baksetball

Skyler Tory

Peyton Lesher

Boys Soccer

 Levi York

Austin Cole

Girls Soccer

Shae Celio

Ruby Sanchez

Boys Volleyball

Carter Brust

Levi York


Jordan Harper

Jacob Rodenbaugh


Marcella Chavez

Elena Vandervroot

Sierra Delta League- Academic All League

Fall 2023-24

Bobby Baxley - Football

Dakota Burch - Football

Ethan Caruthers - Football

Jordan Harper - Football

Tyr Heinz - Football

Laban Jacobson - Football

Charles Onorad - Football

Bruce Rayford - Football

Zofia Bradford - Cross Country

Paco DeLange - Cross Country

Madrone Harvey - Cross Country

Grace Hunter - Cross Country

Sam Parr - Cross Country

Levi York - Cross Country

Dylan Zacha - Cross Country 

Andrew Zacha - Cross Country

Cheyenne Ashmore - Volleyball

Celanire Christner - Volleyball

Evie Hicks - Volleyball

Kylie Ladner - Volleyball

Marina McPherson - Volleyball

Sydney Proctor - Volleyball

Madisin Strahan - Volleyball

Olivia Totilaz - Volleyball

Shaylen Vertin - Volleyball

Julia Arnold - Cheer

Addison Barbour - Cheer

Caliya Gooding - Cheer

Lily McCall - Cheer

Faith McCoard - Cheer

Winter 2023-24

Lila Bergen - Girls Basketball/Girls Soccer

Zofia Bradford - Girls Basketball/Girls Soccer

William Drescher -  Boys Basketball/Boys Soccer

Peyton Frantzich - Girls Basketball

 Anna Marcucci - Girls Basketball

Gracey Nordby - Girls Basketball

  Neveah Peoples - Girls Basketball

Carly Sherman - Girls Basketball

Shaylen Vertin - Girls Basketball

Anthony Alvarez - Boys Basketball

Devin Nibbelink - Boys Basketball

Cody Olsen - Boys Basketball

 Addison Barbour - Girls Soccer

Sonni Gentry - Girls Soccer

Anna (Madi) Heinz - Girls Soccer

Evie Hicks - Girls Soccer

Allie Lewis - Girls Soccer

Lillian McCarty - Girls Soccer

Abigail McKown - Girls Soccer

Ruby Sanchez - Girls Soccer

Olivia Totilaz - Girls Soccer

Lola Van Tatenhove - Girls Soccer

Asher Campbell - Boys Soccer

Austin Cole - Boys Soccer

Wyatt Fischbach - Boys Soccer

 Mason Hamilton - Boys Soccer

 Eric Palomar - Boys Soccer

Levi York - Boys Soccer

Bobby Baxley - Wrestling

Dakotah Burch - Wrestling

Andrew Zacha - Wrestling

Spring 2023-24

Anthony Alvarez- Baseball

Bobby Baxley- Baseball

Logan Borovich- Baseball

Jordan Harper- Baseball

Issac Hillman- Baseball

Linkin Phipps- Baseball

Jacob Rodenbaugh- Baseball

Wyatt Surryhne- Baseball

Ethan Caruthers- Golf

Sarah Creiglow- Softball

Madrone Harvey- Softball/Swim

Anna (Madi) Heinz- Softball

Marina McPherson- Softball

Nevaeh Peoples- Softball

Addison Stoffregen- Softball

JeAnna Summers- Softball

Olivia Totilaz- Softball

Gianna Trapani- Softball

Celanire Christner- Swim

Lily Erwin- Swim

Violet Lind- Swim

Carley Swim- Swim

Madisin Strahan- Swim

Kaytie Watters- Swim

Tala Wertz- Swim

Dylan Burgess- Tennis

Corbin Almendariz- Track & Field 

Addison Barbour- Track & Field

Zofia Bradford- Track & Field

Peyton Frantzich- Track & Field

Mason Hamilton- Track & Field

Grace Hunter- Track & Field

Nolan Infalt- Track & Field

Laban Jacobson- Track & Field

Lily Larson- Track & Field

Allie Lewis- Track & Field

Gracey Nordby- Track & Field

Eden Ogden- Track & Field

Sarah Parr- Track & Field

Lucas Patterson- Track & Field

Zach Sell- Track & Field

Shaylen Vertin- Track & Field

Andrew Zacha- Track & Field

Dylan Zacha- Track & Field

John Bradford- Boys Volleyball

William Drescher- Boys Volleyball

Tyrel Robertson- Boys Volleyball

Levi York- Boys Volleyball


DMI- Pump Service 

Thomas Clements, DDS 

Mark Greenmun, DDS