Washington Elementary Counseling Program

  Nate Dallolio - Mr. D:    M.Ed. - Counseling,  Ed.S. - School Psychology                                            Counselor - Washington Elementary    T-F                                                                                                  (208) 854-6424                                                        Nate.dallolio@boiseschools.org

Hello and welcome to the Washington Elementary Counseling Program:

    As you can imagine, most people tend to call me "Mr. D."   Please feel free.   I've been a counselor for the Boise School District for about 25 years and have worked at Koelsch Elementary and East Junior High before coming to Washington.  I love working with kids and look forward to helping your student be successful at school and love being a Wildcat

   Counseling in Boise Schools is a skills-based program designed to teach kids the skills they need to succeed in school and life.  As counselor for our school, I offer many services to students, staff, and parents, and work to make my program broad-based, to where I work with, know, or interact with nearly every student in the school at some level.  Washington is a wonderful community to be part of, and we hope you, as a parent or student, will have a great school year.  Please contact me or the school if you need help, support, or have questions.

Counseling Programs and Activities:                                           

Classroom Guidance Lessons        :        Counseling and Consultation       :       Lunch Bunches       :       Small Groups       :       Conflict Mediation       :       Parenting Skills Classes          

Virtual Peace Room      :      Parent/Community Resources:

Counseling and Consultation:    Help for kids, parents and teachers.  

Counseling for problem-solving, tough days and unexpected crisis is available for all students.  Parents who find they need some help regarding their children's emotions, behavior or success in school are welcome to contact me.  Teachers often bring kids to my attention who need support, and we regularly collaborate on ideas for working with students to help individuals and create a great classroom and school environment.

Lunch Bunches:

      Kids get to bring friends to the counselor's office for lunch.   Lunch Bunches are to have fun, make new friends, get to know friends and each other better, and work out friendship problems when needed.  Lunch Bunches are usually scheduled by students but sometimes requested by parents or teachers.  Students need to come to see me in my office to find a day to meet up and have lunch. 

Small Groups:  Help for Kids!

   Small group counseling helps students to interactively develop their friendship and problem-solving skills with other students and to learn new self-management and social skills.  Some of the topics we cover in small groups can include friendship skills,  problem-solving skills, and changing families, depending on what suits the students in the group best.  Small groups usually start between November and January, depending on grade level.  Students can be referred by parents, teachers, other members of the school staff, and they often tend to self-refer or request to join a group.


     Mediations are often very effective at helping students to work together to solve conflicts or disagreements and create a safe, peaceful school.  If your child is struggling with a friendship issue or conflict that you feel has gone beyond their ability to solve, please feel free to contact me.  Mediation often helps kids to repair friendships or to find a peaceful resolution with which to move forward at school.  Mediations are often very empowering, allowing kids to have control in resolving problems they encounter.  We usually allow them some time to work through the problem and achieve positive results, with potential follow-up with teachers, administration, or parents if they are unsuccessful.

   The Boise School District offers many different classes throughout the valley.  If you are struggling with getting your child to cooperate, or really want to parent with top-notch skills, please consider one of these classes.  A class takes time to attend, but in my experience, you get all that time back and more once you see a rise in cooperation from your kids and greater teamwork in your family.  Classes are also a great way to brush up on techniques and to get support and ideas from other parents.  Ask me for additional information or a registration form.   You can also see the available classes at the following link:      https://www.boiseschools.org/parents___patrons/parent_education_opportunities