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                Tracy Tuttle, MSN, RN    Phone: 208-854-5354                      tracy.tuttle@boiseschools.org            

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Health Information

Boise School District Illness Procedure

Information for if you are experiencing symptoms


A 504 plan is a blueprint for how the school will support a student with a disability and remove barriers to learning. The goal is to give the student equal access at school. 

                                      Covid 19 Guidance

Boise School District Illness Procedure
COVID-19 Guidance

                               Annual Student Updates

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All incoming 7th grade students are required by the state of Idaho to have two immunizations before entering 7th grade.

The tdap and the meningoccal vaccine. If you choose not to immunize your child, you MUST have an exemption form on file for these vaccines.

Immunization Exemption Form


Athletic Physical Forms

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