Hillside Volleyball

Volleyball Tryout INFORMATION

Monday, August 10th - tryouts begin

9th Graders will be trying out at BOISE HIGH this year - combined with North and Boise High.

If you're trying to make a high school team or the Hillside 9th grade varsity team, you need to attend the tryouts on Mon/Tues at Boise High School.

If you just want to have fun and intend on playing JV then you can show up on Wednesday at Hillside with the necessary paperwork (see the calendar tab on this site as it gets closer to August for that time on 8/12)

BOISE HIGH TRYOUTS (9th graders only)- Requirements

Please go to this link to get more specifics for those two days:

  • https://sites.google.com/boiseschools.org/boisevolleyball/tryouts-2020
  • You must fill out the SPORTSWARE online paperwork to tryout - if you don't make a team for Boise High you will have to fill out the Junior High release/participation form as well once back at Hillside.
  • 9th Graders MUST have a new physical done - this will be submitted to Boise High for tryouts. Have a copy of it as well for Hillside.
  • NO PARTICIPATION at tryouts without Sportsware & a current physical
    • Physical must be completed after May 1, 2020.

8th Graders - Tryouts will start at Hillside on Monday August 10th


  • Look for information to be posted in the calendar tab on this site as we get closer to the start of the season.

Release/Participation Paperwork will be available at Registration on August 5th

8th Graders: Email Coach Leslie if you have any questions leading up to the season: brynna.leslie@boiseschools.org

9th Graders: Email Coach Fuller if you have any questions leading up to the season: matt.fuller@boiseschools.org

Boise High Summer Volleyball ----Camp/Open Gym Information


    • Players need to be dressed and ready by the time practice is scheduled to start, whether that is early or late practice.
        • Please refer to the calendar to find out when your team has practice each day.
    • IF your student-athlete is unable to attend a practice please have them inform the coach ahead of time. You may also email us directly to inform us of any conflicts.

Grade Policy:

    • Hillside is a student first, athlete second school. We pride ourselves on ensuring that our student-athletes are performing in the classroom as well as on the court. Therefore, we will be conducting weekly grade checks.
    • Students with a D will still be allowed to practice and play in the weekly games.
        • However, coaches will be talking with the student to ensure the grade improves.
    • Students with an F will NOT be allowed to play in games, but still may attend practices and the game to support their team.
        • Coaches will talk with the student and help create a plan for how the grade will be improved over the course of the week.


  • Buses are provided for each game to transport student-athletes to and from away games. Student-athletes are expected to ride the bus to other schools for games, but parents may take their student-athlete home after the game. Please see policy below.

After Away Games:

    • Parents MUST sign out their student-athlete with the coach. Failure to do so will result in the player not playing in the next game.
      • This ensures that your student-athlete is accounted for and coaches are not searching for them after the game when ready to leave. We do not want anyone left behind and unaccounted for at the end of the day.
    • Per district policy, the coaches will not release a player to ride home with another player’s parent without written/verbal permission from both parents.
      • This can be in the form of a written note or an email that has all parties involved in the conversation regarding taking someone else home.