Hillside Rams Wrestling

Our Mission Statement

“The Hillside wrestling program is dedicated to helping young men and women understand Ram Pride. Ram Pride encompasses three major virtues: family, character, and honor. Family is the commitment to building each other up every day. Every team member is responsible for the well-being of their teammates. Character is the commitment to excellence in details. We believe that you are what you repeatedly do, so it is vital to do the right thing even in the details. Honor refers to knowing that you are excellent regardless of the scoreboard. We will act like champions even when we lose.”

Wrestling is a way to get together with others and have fun while competing in the greatest sport on Earth. While it tests strength and knowledge, it also builds character and friendship. Joining this program will guarantee brand new friendships, while strengthening the current ones.

First Day of Wrestling Practice




Parents and wrestlers, this is a great introduction video on the basics of the sport.