Highlands Counseling

Meet Ms. Wells

I am excited to be the counselor here at Highlands four days a week! My entire career has been in education and I love it! I have a Bachelors in Social Psychology from Tufts University, a Masters in School Counseling from UNLV and an Educational Specialist from U of I. Being an educator and working with students, families and staff is my passion.

Please do not hesitate to reach out for support. I am in classrooms, offer small groups in the fall & spring, support our school wide Toolbox Tools program, provide short term individual counseling, help families access community resources, manage 504's and help provide Tiered support for our students. 

When I am not at school I enjoy time with my family & friends, traveling, skiing, camping and going to concerts.  It is an honor to do what I do. I look forward to knowing you. I am at Highlands Tuesday-Friday. Please reach out any time!


Toolbox Tools Resources

Small Counseling Groups

6-8 week small counseling groups are offered first semester (October start) and second semester (February start). Please fill out the Small Counseling Group Request Form, if you would like your student to participate. Groups are 30 minutes weekly during the school day.

Groups offered: 

Virtual Peace Room

Boise Community Resource Page