East Jr. High Hornets

Coaching Staff:

Andrew Zimowsky 9th grade Boys and Throwing Coach/Head Coach

- andrew.zimowsky@boiseschools.org (208)854-4784

Anna Resnick 9th grade Girls and Distance Coach

Bradley Amburgey 8th grade Boys and High Jump Coach

Matt Yocum 8th grade Girls and Hurdles/Sprints Coach

Scott Johnson 7th grade Boys and Relay Coach

Josh McConnell 7th grade Girls and Jump Coach

Important Dates

  • March 31st - First day of Track Practice
  • April 15th - Track Meet at East Jr. High
  • April 23rd - Track Meet at Timberline High School
  • April 28th - Track Meet at East Jr. High
  • May 5th - Regional Track Meet at East Jr. High -Field events and Mile Run - 12:00 Start time
  • May 6th - Regional Track Meet at East Jr. High - Running Events - 3:30 Start time
  • May 13th - City Track Meet at East Jr. High - 3:30 Start time

*Practice starts at 2:45 and is usually done by 4:00 most days*`

Boise Schools Jr. High District Track Meet

District I Schools:

Les Bois




District II Schools:





Field Events: Noon-1:00

District II Girls Disc

District I Boys Shot

District I Girls Long Jump

District II Boys Triple Jump

Field Events: 1:00-3:00

Distict I & II Boys High Jump

2 Pits

Field Events: 1:15-2:15

District I Girls Disc

District II Boys Shot

District II Girls Long Jump

District I Boys Triple Jump

Field Events 2:30-3:30

District II Boys Disc

District I Girls Shot

District I Boys Long Jump

District II Girls Triple Jump

Field Events: 3:00-5:30

Distict I & II Girls High Jump

2 Pits

Field Events 3:45-4:45

District I Boys Disc

District II Girls Shot

District II Boys Long Jump

District I Girls Triple Jump

1600 meter run 1:00-1:40

District II 7th Grade Girls

District I 7th Grade Girls

District II 7th Grade Boys

District I 7th Grade Boys

1600 meter run 1:40-2:20

District II 8th Grade Girls

District I 8th Grade Girls

District II 8th Grade Boys

District I 8th Grade Boys