East Volleyball

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9th Grade Volleyball

Tryouts August 9th

Details coming soon!

8th Grade Volleyball

Tryouts August 8th and 9th

Details coming soon!

7th Grade Volleyball

Tryouts March 1, 2023

Details coming soon!

Contact Info:

9th and 7th Varsity: Rose Wolfe - rose.wolfe@boiseschools.org

7th JV: Michele Keralla - michele.keralla@boiseschools.org

8th Varsity: Jordan Loya - jordan.loya@boiseschools.org

8th JV: TBD

Important Paperwork


Complete all pages - bring to tryouts. Must be done each year of participation.

Physical Exam Form IHSAA.pdf

9th grade physical form. Must be completed after May 1st and before tryouts in August.

7-8 Physical Exam Form.pdf

7th/8th grade physical form. For 7th graders it must be completed after May 1st and before tryouts in March. For 8th graders - if you got this done as a 7th grader you are good / if you didn't get this done as a 7th grader, it needs to be done before tryouts in August.