Academic Intervention

Boise Online School

AI Mission Statement

As Academic Interventionists for the Boise Online School, our mission is to act as an additional resource for students who are in need of support. We will assist teachers, staff, and parents as we all strive to guide our students to academic success through targeted, intentional support.

The Role of the Academic Interventionist

In 2020 we saw an unprecedented shift in academic life for both students and teachers alike. For teachers, new teaching systems were implemented in order to connect with students digitally, but limited the face-to-face interactions with them. For students, the safe space that schools provided was taken away, and they had to learn how to remain engaged and attentive in an entirely new learning environment. Now, our students are back and ready to learn how to thrive in an online environment!

For both students and teachers, there are newfound hurdles and difficulties. The role of the Academic Interventionist is to act as an additional resource for students that may be falling behind or struggling with the current learning climate. Some of the ways Academic Interventionists can support students are the following:

  • One-on-one support

  • Supplemental instructional support and the reinforcement of learned skills

  • Help with organizing and goal setting--creating a learning plan

  • In-person attention

  • Intentional communication with students and their families

Parent and Student Resources

Parents: Is your student falling behind? Are they struggling to navigate online school, keep track of assignments, or find the motivation to do their work?

Fill out this interest form to connect with an Academic Interventionist.

Students, you can submit an interest form too! Let us know what's going on, and we will be able to help.

Need Help With

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