Welcome to the Adams Counseling Program!

Hi everyone! My name is Christopher Gibbons and I'm the school counselor at Adams Elementary. In addition to working at Adams, I also had the good fortune of attending Adams myself (a few years ago), so I feel very at home as an All Star!

As your school counselor, it's my job to help students and parents to find school success. Especially during times like this, we all need to work together to support each other and helping to foster that kind of community approach is vital. Through my work at Adams I hope to support students and families in a variety of ways.

I teach lessons in all classrooms throughout the school year. With the unique challenges this year presents, I'm currently planning on teaching in every class every single week. These lessons follow the Boise School District counseling curriculum, which align to the Idaho state Health Education Standards. I'm happy to answer any questions you have about the curriculum.

Additionally, I am available to help students with problem solving and skill building, both individually and in small groups. If your child has a particular need, please reach out to me. I can work with students virtually and provide referrals for community resources. Check out the 'For Students' and 'For Parents' sections for how to contact me for help.

As we continue to navigate our current challenges I hope to provide the support that students and families may need. Please always feel free to reach out through a phone call or email anytime. I'm at Adams Tuesdays through Fridays, but can also be reached on Mondays when I work at another school.

Christopher Gibbons, School Counselor


(208) 854-6973