University High School Yearbook

Morgantown, West Virginia

University High School Yearbook

The yearbook at University High School, The Little Monticola, is a student-created publication. It is made for students by students. Students determine content, take photographs at events, interview other students, write stories, edit stories, design and lay out pages/spreads, edit pages/spreads, manage social media, and sell ads and yearbooks. Students are involved at every stage of creating and producing the yearbook every year.

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Accomplishments & Awards

Due to the dedication and hard work of the yearbook student staff at University High School, The Little Monticola, our yearbook, has won several excellence awards in the past few years (2020, 2019, 2014).


Behind the Lines


Our Story


Carry On

Walsworth Gallery of Excellence Award

Walsworth Gallery of Excellence Award

Walsworth Gallery of Excellence Award

Did You Know?

  • The Little Monticola is a size 9 yearbook with 224-244 pages, depending on the year

  • The average cost of a yearbook in the U.S. (for a yearbook of our size) is $80-$100

  • UHS yearbooks are sold on average for $60-$65

  • In order to keep the cost low every year, yearbook students sell ads to help cover the rest of the cost of producing a yearbook

  • We sell different kinds of ads

    • Senior Tribute Ads to congratulate graduating seniors

    • Club Ads to congratulate club accomplishments

    • Business Ads to promote your business to students

  • Yearbook sales average around 35-50% of the student population

  • UHS has a "Yearbook Angel" program that gives members of the community the opportunity to purchase a yearbook for a student who may not be able to buy one