MHS Flex will allow Morgantown High Students to have opportunities to connect with clubs, learning opportunities, and fun activities that go beyond the classroom throughout the school day during our MHS FLEX period.

All students will login to the MHS Flex website using their school Google Login credentials on their Chromebook or personal device.

Click here to login

Once logged in, students will go to the days that MHS Flex is being offered for the week and select an activity for each day. Students must have all activities selected for the week before leaving homeroom on the first day of the week.

Students will get an email confirming the location of the activities to the BOE email address once they select activities or can always login to the system to confirm activities.

All students can watch this short video to help them learn how to select courses the first time they login: Introductory Video to FlexTime

MTEC Students

MTEC students have been pre-assigned to MTEC for the days that they go there. MTEC students will only need to sign up for classes when they are on Morgantown High School's campus.


  • All students must go to the activities that they sign up for each day.

  • Students must be respectful to other students and teachers in the activities that they choose to sign up for.

  • MHS Flex is a privilege that can be removed if a student does not follow the rules or does not go to their chosen location.