What is Embedded English?

Just as the name suggests, you will receive English instruction embedded (or within) your CTE program! Instead of coming to me for English, I will come to you in your CTE program! Together, we will learn how to be effective communicators within your future career fields!

What will we learn in Embedded English?

  • Technical English Language Arts is designed to enhance students’ communication skills through relevant, industry-specific contexts for reading, writing, speaking/listening, and language. Students engage in rigorous examination of technical and career related texts through real and simulated professional discourse experiences.

For example, students in a Health Occupations CTE program may research and write reports about specific issues in healthcare, whereas students in ProStart (Culinary Arts) may work on menu design and incorporating adjectives to describe each new dish.

How long does it take to earn an Embedded English credit?

Because of the instructional format of the embedded credit, you will begin English instruction during your first year of your program and continue through your second year. You MUST complete all required CTE courses to earn your Embedded English credit. Failure of a CTE course will ultimately lead to failure of the Embedded English course.

How do I get credit for Embedded English?

Your CTE instructor and Embedded English instructor (Ms. Tanzey) will work together to assign you a letter grade for your work.

  • 60% of your Embedded English grade is based upon work completed for your program.

  • 40% of your Embedded English grade is based upon *stand alone* assignments that are completed during English lessons with Ms. Tanzey.

When does my credit appear on my transcript?

The first ½ of your English credit will be earned over the course of your first year in a CTE program (1st and 2nd semester grades will be combined). This grade will be added to your transcript during the first semester of your second year.

The second ½ credit of Transitional English will be earned during your second year in your CTE program (3rd and 4th semester grades will be combined) . This grade will then be transcripted at the end of that year.

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Year 1 Units of Study

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Year 2 Units of Study

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I am available most weekdays from 2:15-2:50 for conferences with parents and students. We can meet virtually, by phone, or in person. You must email me to let you know you are coming!

To meet on video (Google Meet): https://meet.google.com/nbb-dmeo-trf

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Embedded English - Transcription of Final Grades

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