Beaumont ISD At-Home Support Page

For Elementary Students:

Our 40-Book Summer Reading Challenge starts NOW!!!

Check out our updated Summer 2024 Reading Challenge packet!  You can download and print by clicking the link below OR stopping by the BISD Annex off Concord next to Smith Middle School to pick up your copy!

Click on the link to access a printable PDF of the 2024 Summer Reading Challenge packet to support our 40-book challenge for elementary students!

For Upper Elementary, Middle, and High School Students:

Join our Chapter Book Challenge!  Set a goal to read 1,000 pages this summer between June 1 - August 1

(for example, that would equal five books having 200 pages each)

Download and print a PDF of our Chapter Book Challenge packet containing trackers, reading organizers, reading logs, and more!

Stop by for a chance to take AR tests over books you read this summer and get a cool treat while you are there!  Select a free book, participate in crafts and STEM activities, and games!

More dates to be added in July!

Participate in Pizza Hut's Book It!  Summer Camp and earn a free personal pan pizza each month in the summer!

Parents must register their own children for the Summer Camp reading contest:

Here is a folder with monthly trackers and info:

Welcome to our Beaumont ISD At-Home Support page!   

Parents, please see the information below which will help support the practice of daily reading at home.

How much should I schedule for my child to read at home each day?

Research supports a minimum of 20 minutes of daily reading every day to support reading level growth, fluency, and vocabulary acquisition.  

* For PreK and Kinder students, it is important to read to them as they follow along in the book, making connections with the pictures and the words.  Emerging readers need to be exposed to the cadence, words, and rhythm of story telling to help build their foundational reading skills. 

* For older students (3rd grade and up) who are able to read independently, try to foster independent reading time of at least 20 minutes per day, every day.  Remember, reading aloud to your child does not stop when the child is older.  Please continue to offer read-aloud time with your child. Shared reading is also fun, where the parent/guardian reads one page and the child reads another.  This is a very beneficial practice!

* If you are worried about your child's performance on the STAAR assessment, remember that your child's ability to read is a HUGE factor in STAAR performance success -- not just on the reading tests, but on every other test as well, including math.   One of the best things you can do to prepare your child for the STAAR test is to ensure they are reading each day and responding to the reading through writing.

What else can we do to foster comprehension when reading?

Responding to reading through writing will greatly help to solidify your child's comprehension of what was read.  We offer many different reading response organizers below.  Feel free to print and use as needed.

As your child finishes reading for the day, have him or her briefly summarize what happened in the book and add to it during each reading session.  This will help your child to remember important events, allows you to review the book contents with them, and will also help prepare them for their AR quiz over the book (Kinder through 8th grade students have access to Accelerated Reader).

How can I ensure my child has a wide range of books from which to choose?

Beaumont ISD makes it easy for you!  EVERY Beaumont ISD student, PreK - 12th grade has thousands of books available online through the MyOn digital library!  These books can be accessed on any desktop computer, smartphone, ipad, or Kindle Fire HD.  Plus, you can use an old smartphone or device. Simply go to a place with free WiFi, such as our local McDonald's, open the MyOn platform on the smartphone/device, log in to MyOn, and you can download up to 20 books onto the device to read offline at home.  No WiFi needed once the books are downloaded!  

Additionally, our Beaumont public libraries are an incredibly rich resource to check out books for free.  See below for Beaumont public library locations.

How do I know if a book is on Accelerated Reader?

Simply go to to type in the name of the book or author.  You can then search for the particular book and see how many points it is worth for AR, the reading level of the book, and more.

Can we take AR tests at home (K - 8th grade)?

Since all students are back to face-to-face learning, we do not allow AR testing at home.  Students are encouraged to take AR tests over the books they have read at their campus.  

Stop by our Summer Literacy Cool Down at the BISD Annex on the following Thursday's in June:  June 6, 13, 20, 27!  Your child can take AR tests on site this summer and win prizes!

To access MyOn, go through their Classlink:

Remember, you have thousands of engaging books available to you for FREE on MyOn. 

Do you want to avoid the "summer slide" with your child?  It's easy!  Dedicate at least 30 minutes each day in the summer to work on one of the district-provide math or reading learning programs, read in library books (hundreds available FREE from MyOn), or write in their journal (prompts are provided below to get you started).

Access programs in your child's Class Link account at:

Not sure what books are popular right now for each age level?  This report will tell you everything you need to know to select books that your PreK through High School student will love!  Lots of great tips to support reading at home, too:

2024 What Kids Are Reading.pdf
Fiction Choice Board Response.pdf
Non Fiction Choice Board Response.pdf
Plot Line.pdf
Nonfiction Note Page.pdf
Story Map.pdf
Vocabulary boxes 4 to a page.pdf
Trifold Bookmark in Word.pdf
40 Graphic Organizers that Build Comprehension.pdf
Summer Reading Log.pdf
Reading Logs - each month.pdf
AR Fiction Organizer.pdf
AR Nonfiction Organizer.pdf
Design a book cover.pdf
Summer Journal.pdf
My Book Bingo - Primary Grades.pdf
Reading graphic organisers.pdf
20 min.pdf
Book summary - short.pdf
Book Summary Template.pdf
High School Writing Prompts.pdf
Public Library Locations.pdf