Blue Triangle Consulting

Enabling Your Growth

Business success flows from the optimal blending of people, process, and tools; like the three sides of a triangle they fit together to form the whole. Blue is the color of the sky and the sea, each of which expresses nearly infinite depth.

Blue Triangle Consulting helps you optimize and balance your business to enable your growth into the near infinite world of government contracting.

We leverage over 28 years of practical knowledge in government contracting to advise federal contracting companies on effectively navigating the myriad of strategies, decisions, and programs needed to succeed in this challenging and diverse market - and when needed we roll up the sleeves to solve your toughest problems.

Our Services Tailored to Government Contracting:

  • Delivering actionable and informed strategic advice

  • Assessing business organizations to inform effective, tailored growth strategies

  • Creating approaches to leverage socio-economic status to accelerate growth

  • Integrating cross-company functions for business success

  • Building and optimizing effective growth teams, processes, and tools

  • Developing win strategies for competitive opportunities

  • Supporting effective proposal color and pricing reviews

  • Project and program management system consulting and compliance reviews

Our Why: To enable growth for small business government contractors

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