The mission of the Archbold High School Counseling Department is to inspire and prepare all students to graduate with the opportunity to pursue their dreams, live by their values, be in service to others and find success and purpose.


Current AHS Senior College Application Processing Form

Click to request to have your transcript or other information submitted to a college. You must be logged into your account to access the form.

College Rep Visits

Click to sign up to meet with a college rep. You must be logged into your account  to access the form. View the calendar to find out when reps will be visiting AHS. College reps will be located in the guidance classroom.

2024-2025 AHS Student Education and Curriculum Guide.pdf

To see what grade you need on your exam to earn a certain semester grade, click on the "Final Exam Grade" tab. Input your semester average in the current grade box, your desired percentage and 15 in the final exam weight. This will show you what grade you would need to get on your exam to earn the desired grade.