About Blue Meets Green / St. Clair County, Michigan

Blue Meets Green was formed in 2009-10, as part of a county-wide Economic Development Strategic Plan. Since its inception, the public, private and non-profit sectors have collaborated to stimulate economic growth and prosperity.

More than 100 volunteers who live and work in the Blue Water Region have invested many hours working diligently to develop the “Where Blue Meets Green” road map defining specific actions to enable the Blue Water Region to compete and prosper in the future. To implement this plan, people, businesses, and organizations from all across St. Clair County are working together for the economic success of this entire region.

The Vision:

Develop the Blue Water Region into a prosperous, sustainable economic environment through the united effort and commitment of the private, public, and non-profit sectors. Goals of the plan will focus on People, Place and Prosperity.

Key Areas of Focus:

  • Population Growth

  • Career & College Readiness

  • Small Business & Entrepreneurs

  • Downtowns

  • Housing & Neighborhoods

  • Tourism

  • Waterfront Development

  • Workforce Development

  • Healthy Communities

  • Broadband Access


  • Develop an outstanding business workforce aligned with the business development goals of the Blue Water Region

  • Support a career and college readiness system and initiatives to develop a pipeline of talent

  • Promote equitable growth


  • Promote and enhance quality of life

  • Grow neighborhoods and downtowns

  • Leverage our close proximity to metro Detroit in marketing, awareness and PR campaigns


  • Retain, strengthen, and support existing businesses, including small business

  • Encourage economic diversity

  • Foster entrepreneurship and innovation

  • Promote cultural diversity, inclusion, and sustainable populations