Ms. Greeley

About Me

Hello, fellow Bengals! I graduated from Bloomfield High School in 2006 (Demarest School, represent!), and after about a decade of learning and teaching elsewhere, I came back! Aside from the wonderful schools in Bloomfield, I have Rutgers University and Montclair State University to thank for my education. I received my bachelor's degree in English as a Scarlet Knight in 2010 and my master's degree in teaching as a Red Hawk in 2013, which meant that I wore red robes for all three of my graduation ceremonies. Bloomfield has a spirit that can't be found elsewhere, and I am very happy to be back!

When I'm not teaching English to the bright-eyed young minds of Bloomfield High School, I love to spend time reading, writing, and practicing yoga (but not all at once!). These interests infuse my teaching with genuine enthusiasm and happiness; I love literature and I love sharing it with others. I like to spend my time doing things that broaden my horizon and challenge my perspective; which could mean anything from researching something new to getting lost in the woods to hanging out upside down in a headstand.

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