Mr. Bennette

Mr. Bennette - I am a graduate of Rutgers University and of the Graduate School of Education at Rutgers. I have degrees in Liberal Arts, Mathematics, Mathematics Education, and Administration and Supervision. I am certified by the state to teach mathematics in the public schools of NJ. I've been teaching a variety of mathematics courses at Bloomfield high school, with a specialty in Geometry, for the past thirteen years.



Phone: 973-680-8600 ext. 4274


Geometry CP - Introduction: This is a course in plane geometry, with some aspects of solid geometry included. The nature of deductive proof is emphasized; logical reasoning is applied. The course includes the interpretation and drawing of two and three dimensional objects, understanding and applying basic concepts of lines, planes, and space.

Geometry Honors - Introduction: This course is designed for 9th and 10th grade students in an accelerated program, as a course in plane geometry with some aspects of solid geometry. The deductive method is instilled, and original thinking is encouraged. Coordinate methods of proof relate geometry and algebra.

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