Living the Faith

The Living the Faith program is founded on the message and ministry of Jesus. Christ reached out to all people with His love, yet He touched in a distinct way the poor, the sick, the oppressed, the weak, and the needy. We, as disciples and Christ's hands in the present age, are called to reach out to all people in love and to assist those in need.

Central Catholic echoes the need for our students to learn, serve, and carry their ministry beyond the school's walls. Through their Theology class, students are instructed in the teachings of the Church and the message of the Gospel. The Living the Faith program is designed to complement this learning with hands on experiences that challenge students to live the faith more concretely as it is passed on to us through Jesus Christ. This lived experience is intended to reinforce and solidify the student's understanding of living the Gospel message by bringing Christ to others through charitable acts.

Due Dates

Quarter 1 October 11

Quarter 2 December 5

Quarter 3 March 6

Quarter 4 May 8

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