BCS New Teacher Support

Welcome to the Blair Community Schools' Mentor Network 

The Blair Community Schools’ Mentor/Mentee Program is a program to help teachers, new to Blair Community Schools, transition effectively and grow professionally during the first year of teaching in the district.

“The purpose of the Blair Community Schools’ teacher assistance program named, “The Blair Community Schools’ Teacher Mentor Program”, is to facilitate the transition of experienced teachers and acclimate them to the Blair school district as well as providing additional support for teachers new to the profession. It is a differentiated program that is designed to meet the needs of all teachers who are new to BCS through the collaborative efforts of the school administrator, the mentor teacher, and the new staff member. It is the goal of the BCS Teacher Mentor Program to help all teachers acquire the knowledge of programs and processes specific to BCS and to support continued professional and dispositional growth to be a successful teacher.”


The four major goals of the Teacher Mentor Program are:

1. To help facilitate a mentoring relationship between the new teacher and the mentor by:

2. To provide information and training on policies, programs, and procedures specific to the district and building by:

3. To support effective classroom instructional strategies by:

4. To build an awareness of professional expectations by: