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Birthday Book Club

At Arbor, we love to celebrate special days and that includes your child's birthday!!

In honor of your child's birthday, you may wish to donate a cook to our school library. Birthday Book Club donations help our library maintain a high level of engaging and up-to-date books for all our students to enjoy.

You may send $10 to school with your child and he/she may pick out a book here or you may choose a book off our wish list on Amazon (See link below). Your child's name will be placed inside the book as a thank you and a photo will be added to our Birthday Book Club bulletin board. Your child will also be the first person to check the book out.

AMAZON Birthday Book Club Wish List:

EPIC - online picture & chapter books to read

Click on the image above.

Log in with the class code: mmc2334

Below is a list of links to special LIVE stories being read by authors, drawings and doodles with authors/illustrators. Check them out if you can!!


Arbor Park Library Media Mission

It is the purpose and mission of the Arbor Park Intermediate School Library to introduce students to fundamental informational literacy skills and encourage the love of reading necessary for lifelong learning.

Library lessons are designed to help students understand organization, resources, explore genres, accept responsibility, demonstrate citizenship and select appropriate level books for personal interest. Utilization of technology is frequent since the library catalog is an online web-based system, and we have access to a variety of credible online resources for research. Students will have the opportunity to learn responsible, ethical use of technology to locate information and to demonstrate knowledge of material. Throughout the year, students will practice keyboarding skills and learn many basics in word processing, presentation/production programs, spreadsheets and much more.

All students begin the year with an introduction or review of Library Citizenship and manners.


  • Use a shelf marker.

  • Use whisper level voices in the library.

  • Use walking feet in the library.

  • Choose a "just right" book.

  • Take good care of library books.

  • Do not write, scribble, draw in the books.

  • Use a bookmark.

  • Do not eat or drink around library books.

  • Keep them in a safe, dry place, away from pets and younger siblings.

  • Always carry books in a book bag or backpack.

  • Return books on time!

See below for the slideshows of the GOLDEN SOWER Nominees for this year.

Tammi Japp, Arbor Park Library Media Specialist


Best time to reach me: 8:00am-9:30am or 3:00-4:00pm